Could You Save Money on Clothing and Grooming?


Let’s start off by thinking about how much you spend on your appearance every month or two. The chances are that you get your hair done once, maybe go to a nail bar and buy yourself one or two new items of clothing and some cosmetics.

It might not sound all that much but this sort of cost can add up over time. In fact, a recent study found that the average British woman spends £40,000 on her hair and £100,000 on cosmetics in her lifetime. This figure might sound over the top but if you work out how much you spend on personal grooming it probably isn’t as far away from this total as you might think.

Not that British men are all that far behind, as another survey revealed that men in their 40s spent £70 a month on grooming products. So, how could you save money in this respect?

Cut Your Own Hair (Or At Least Your Family’s)

The idea of cutting your own hair has always been a bit taboo, hasn’t it? After all, sticking a bowl on your head and chopping blindly at the hair round the back of your head with scissors isn’t likely to give you very good results. Thankfully, there are some decent products around these days that can really help you out. For example, you could buy a high quality hair trimmer* to take care of your hair and even trim your beard if you have one. Even if you don’t feel comfortable cutting your own hair you could watch a few YouTube videos and learn how to cut your family members’ hair for them. Then all you need is for someone else in the house to learn how to cut yours for you.

Make Your Own Facial Cream

If you currently spend a lot of money on facial creams then now is a good time to consider a lower cost alternative. The internet is packed with videos and articles showing you how to make high quality beauty treatments at home for little cost. Green tea, avocado and almond oil are among some of the most commonly used ingredients. These creams can even work better than expensive ones bought from shops, so it is well worth giving it a try. It is easy to make this sort of facial treatment too, as all you need to do is add the ingredients together and store the finished product. Once you see the results and the amount you save you might never buy a facial cream again. As well as this, you could also check out online recipes for hand creams and body creams. Some people even make their own make up at home as well.

Make Your Own Clothes

Is the concept of making your own clothes a step too far for you? If you have never done this before then you probably don’t want to kick off by making your new work outfit from scratch. However, maybe you could make something for wearing at home or while working in the garden. A good start is to take an old piece of clothing that you no longer use and make it into something more useful. For instance, if you have jeans which are too ripped or faded to wear then you could transform them easily into shorts. If this gives you the confidence to do more then you will find lots of ideas on the internet for breathing new life into old pieces of clothing. If you enjoy doing this then making your own clothes can be even more fun and isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Have you started saving money on clothes and personal grooming costs?

2 Responses to Could You Save Money on Clothing and Grooming?

  1. I’ve cut my own hair for almost 15 years now……it’s one benefit of being a bit challenged in the follicle department. Once a week or so I just get out my clippers and shave it down. 🙂

  2. dojo says:

    I can’t cut my hair, since it’s very ‘thick’, so the lady needs to cut it in a special way to make it less of a lion’s hair and more of a normal person’s hair. So I can’t do that cutting and it’s pretty expensive.

    I don’t create my clothing either, but we don’t purchase it too often anyway, so it’s not uncommon to wear my jeans for 4-5 years at least.

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