Could Your Childhood Memories Inspire Your Savings Plans?


There are few things more satisfying than sitting back and remembering some great moments from my childhood.

Not everyone had an idyllic childhood and I have to confess that mine had some bad moments in it as well. However, over the years you will probably forget the bad stuff and only remember the good stuff.

Some of my favorite memories include going on vacation with my family, making my first trip to the zoo and staying with my aunt for a month. As well as being great moments to look back on, could these childhood memories also be useful in helping inspire me to save more?

Think of How You Want to Retire

It might seem strange to relate childhood memories with retirement but these stages of our life have some things in common. They are when we have fewer commitments and fewer pressures on our time. Despite all the changes we have undergone in the decades since then, it could be that what we did in our early years is what we want to do when we retire. If I can give an example, my early experiences of taking vacations in a motor home have given me a taste for an RV retirement. I have no idea whether I will actually do this but the thought of it excites me enough to work hard to make it a possibility. If you can’t think of anything to inspire you to save for retirement then try casting your mind back to your earliest vacations and the glorious sense of freedom you felt. You can have that again if you save enough money via your pension or ISA.

Think of Your Children and Grandchildren

When I think back to my childhood I can clearly see my parents and my grandparents taking me to see a movie, buying me ice creams and doing all of those other little things that have stuck in my head over the years. Can you imagine a future in which you don’t have enough cash to give your children and grandchildren some little treats? Even worse would be the situation in which you end up being a drain on their finances for one reason or another. By planning correctly and setting yourself up for a better future you can ensure that you are able to look after the kids and give them some special memories too. These could end up being some of the best moments in your future years if you plan well enough to be able to afford them. Of course, you don’t need a huge amount of money to do this but you do need enough to be comfortable with spending a little now and then.

Remember the Great Advice You Heard

My family was never rich and sometimes life was a bit of a struggle in my house. Yet, we never went into debt and there always seemed to be some money to make special occasions that bit more memorable. My parents managed to get by with some simple but effective financial tips. All through my early years I heard phrases about never borrowing what you can’t afford to pay back and not spending more than you earn. These days it is easy to get tempted to spend on credit cards and to take out big loans. However, I always try to remember how my parents gave me a better childhood by doing the simple things right and by using good common sense with their finances. I am pretty sure that we have all heard a lot of great money advice over the years, so it is just a question of remembering it and using it.

What childhood memories inspire you to improve your finances and save more money?

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