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Could YouTube Boost Your Income During Retirement?

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When many people think about YouTube influencers their minds often go straight to the young vloggers making huge sums using the platform. YouTube is not for older people they might mistakenly think.

Actually, though, recent research from Legal & General has revealed that more and more baby boomers are making use of YouTube as a way to boost their income during retirement.

Stars of the Silver Screen

The research was undertaken as part of the company’s campaign to promote ‘Living Well in Later Life’ and the data presented will be of interest to anyone who might be looking for ways to increase their income in retirement.

While the number of over 50s posting content on YouTube is growing, the Legal and General Stars of the Silver Screen research shows how some of the more popular baby boomer channels are faring.

The company spoke to four different over 50s YouTubers with a combined following of over 150,000 subscribers. The channels – set up by baby boomers – cover several different niches, from DIY to Skincare to Cookery.

Interestingly while these channels are being set up by those who are over 50, much of the audience is actually coming from a younger age group.

One 66 year old DIY vlogger named Alan Wall, for example, finds most of his views coming from millennials. This shows that the experience, skills and wisdom that many over 50s have gained in life is very much in demand from younger generations.

Of course, research also suggests that many over 50s are now also using YouTube as a form of entertainment. Some are even spending more time on YouTube than they are watching TV.

So, if you are looking to connect with an audience in a similar age group to yourself, then this is also perfectly possible. One 70 year old beauty vlogger in Legal and General’s research called Tricia Cusden finds that around 75% of her traffic comes from those who are over 55.

Can You Really Make Money from YouTube?

If you’re reading this with a sceptical eye and wondering if you can really make money using YouTube I can personally assure you that you can. With the right content and a good dose of passion, making money from YouTube really is possible. It also isn’t as difficult as you might think and you don’t have to be a pro with video-editing either.

First of all you will need to sign up for a Google Adsense account and link this with your YouTube account. It’s worth mentioning here that Google actually own YouTube. This means you can make money from any adverts displayed by Google on your videos.

As your audience and reach grows, you can also earn by working directly with brands to promote or mention products in your videos.

A Viable Source of Income in Retirement

As we can see, then, YouTube could certainly be a viable source of extra income during retirement. Whether you are looking to share your experience and skills with younger generations or connect with those closer to your own, there is a real opportunity to earn some extra money during the process.

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