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Creating the Ideal Premier League Kick-off Weekend

Before I start this post I should warn you that for today only any thoughts of sensible spending and budgeting are going out of the window because one of my favourite weekends of the year has finally arrived!

This weekend the premier league football season kicks off and I honestly can’t wait. For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to get my head around why the weekend hasn’t been as exciting and now I remember why, there’s been no football. I know that my readers in the US have a few national sports that all seem to run at different times of the year which sounds great to me but in England – though some might disagree – we only have one major national sport and that’s football or soccer as it’s known across the pond. So when the football season shuts down for the summer unless there’s a major championship or an Olympics going on, there’s simply nothing to fill the void. So now that the football is back, I thought I’d share a few non-frugal ideas which I’ve always thought would help create the perfect opening weekend for those of you who don’t plan to head out to the pub.

Watching in comfort

la z boy reclinerIf you caught my post last week about a budget option for watching the games on opening day, you’ll know that I’m all set up and ready watch them at home with Now TV. So what would be the ultimate way to watch in comfort? A La Z Boy! With a heated seat, massage pads, remote control and drinks holders, built in speakers and a mini fridge in the arm, the La Z Boy is an object of desire for any sport or games lover. If you can’t afford the La Z Boy then there are other cheaper brand versions available which offer many of the same features but you certainly won’t get a fridge in the arm, fortunately we have another solution.

Get Refreshed

You’ll probably know this scenario well. There you are watching the big game waiting for the opening goal to arrive and somewhere in between all the action you decide to grab a beer from the fridge, then comes the inevitable cheer!!!budweiser fridge

I can’t count the amount of goals I’ve missed either heading to the men’s room or grabbing a drink from the fridge. I can’t put a port-a-loo in your living room (it wouldn’t be all that hygienic) but we can resolve the drinks problem with a Budweiser mini fridge! Again there are cheaper options available but I’ve always liked the look of the Budweiser one. So if Mrs.B does decide to one day let me fork out for a mini fridge then that’s probably the one I’d go for and if we base our figures on cost per use, well it suddenly seems like a bargain.

Watching in style

So you’ve got your recliner and the drinks are in easy reach, now it all comes down to what you’re going to watch it on. I know that last year 3D at home seemed to be all the rage but I’ve never liked the idea of sitting around in my living room wearing a pair of sunglasses (which is inevitably what outsiders would think) so another option is in order.  Last year one of my mates went the full haul and got hold of a second hand projector & screen for his living room. I thought it would be too much but once it was all set up I have to admit it was a pretty cool way to watch the game at home, especially when all the boys were round.

What do you think, have I missed any opening day essentials?


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17 Responses to Creating the Ideal Premier League Kick-off Weekend

  1. Moneywise says:

    Yep, I think everything is there to enjoy the game! except I don’t like the fridge :D – this one is better, you can actually use a remote to make it come to you with your beer! :D
    PS: the chair is amazing, a little bit expensive though
    Moneywise recently posted..Drivers warned about new ‘flash for cash’ scamMy Profile

  2. I think the projector is a great idea. We have 25 ft ceilings in our house which would have worked out great but we opted for the SMART TV. I don’t want any games though. Have a great weekend mate.
    canadianbudgetbinder recently posted..Reader question: Budgeting tips for low-income familiesMy Profile

  3. Well it looks like you are going to have a really great weekend. I’m impressed. This is the first post I’ve read on your blog, but what football club do you support? I’ll have to take Premier League watching a bit more seriously this year, I haven’t watched many games in a while.
    Lauren recently posted..Verizon Coming to Canada-What It Means for YouMy Profile

  4. Thank you for the mention! I get the same excitement when the TV series season is back, but don’t share the sports emotion. Enjoy!
    Pauline @ Make Money Your Way recently posted..Things to Be Aware of When Investing in American Real EstateMy Profile

  5. I’m a bit late to the game but I can’t believe I didn’t watch any Soccer this weekend! Usually some of the games are broadcast here in the US and I enjoy watching them. Hope you had a great weekend watching the games!
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted..Dating on a BudgetMy Profile

  6. Raj Padarath says:

    Just in case you find some extra loose change in the back of the couch, never miss a free kick or wonder-goal again –

  7. Debt Blag says:

    Nice call on the projector. I’ve always thought that projectors were really the ultimate value in watching. They cost about half as much as a big flat-screen, but you can make the screen as big as your walls can handle.
    Debt Blag recently posted..Digging deeper into why housing sucks in New York City (it’s not just the rent!)My Profile

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