Direct Line Launch a New App for Landlords


Letting out property is a brilliant financial plan but it can be a time consuming and complex business. In fact, it seems safe to suggest that one of the reasons why many people get put off the idea of being a landlord is the time that they feel they would need to invest in it. Apart from that, there is also the fact that you need to be organised and keep control of a lot of information.

With this in mind we thought we’d give a quick mention today to a new app that has been launched by Direct Line for business that promises to make life easier for those looking to make money through property rental. It is called Mobile Landlord and is available for downloading just now, whether you are already a Direct Line customer or not.

The Basics

The new mobile app works on a good number of different devices, meaning that most of us will be able to use it on our phones or tablets. It is available on both the App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android phones and tablets. It is free to download and easy to get started with. Even if you aren’t yet an expert with your phone or tablet you should be able to get up and running with this app in no time at all.

What Does It Do?

Essentially, the idea behind this Direct Line app for landlords is that it takes a lot of the hassle of the process of looking after your property or properties. It can handle between 1 and 5 properties, letting you create a profile for each of them. In addition, it gives you a place where you can safely store all of the most important contact details. For instance, you could use the app to keep a note of the contact details of the tradesmen you tend to use and the details of your tenants. There is also an option of adding alerts to your device’s calendar, so that you don’t run the risk of forgetting anything such as gas safety certificates renewal. If you currently keep all of your contact details, facts and figures in a variety of places then storing them in the cloud in this way could be a big help. It could be especially handy for anyone who still relies on writing down all of their important information on bits of paper or in a notebook. There’s now no chance of losing these vital details if you store them using the app.

The Financial Stuff

Of course, one of the most important aspects of the business for any landlord is the financial side of things. After all, you are in it to make money and to find a way to make your financial future brighter. However, it can be hard to keep track of how much you are earning from the rental income, especially if you have more than one property to keep an eye on. The fact that the Mobile Landlord app has a finance section is, therefore, a very welcome piece of news. Arguably, the most important part of the app allows you to work out how much you are earning and how much you are spending on the business. This could turn out be the most important aspect of the app, as it will let you calculate rental yield and work out whether you need to make any changes in your approach to your property rental business. Finding out quickly that you need to make changes can save you a lot of money compared to if you don’t make the necessary changes for a long time.

Could this mobile app for landlords help you to run your property portfolio better?

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