Do You Need to Be a Member to Buy Manchester United Tickets?

Do You Need to Be a Member to Buy Manchester United Tickets?


Ever since the day my two boys proclaimed themselves as Manchester Utd fans (I blame Paul Pogba and his dabbing) I’ve been dreading the time I’d have to fork out for match tickets to go and watch them at Old Trafford. I knew it wasn’t going to be cheap but what I didn’t know is that there would be and extra cost I’d have pay before I could even buy match tickets in the first place, MEMBERSHIP!

How Man United Membership Works

If you’re lucky enough to have found home tickets available for a Manchester United game then as you go through the booking process you may have noticed that you are offered two different prices, one for members and one with membership included. What does this mean?

Basically, in order to buy a match ticket for a home game at Old Trafford, you need to become a member. If you aren’t a member already then you can purchase a membership along with your ticket on the booking page. Your membership will give you access to 1 single home match ticket for each premier league home game if you are able to book them before they sell out.

For some of the bigger games against bigger teams, you may have to go through a ballot system in order to secure tickets even if you are a member. On the other hand, you may be able to buy more than one ticket with your membership for some less popular games such as the early rounds of certain cup competitions. I recently received an email offering me the chance to purchase up to 4 tickets on a single membership for a Carabao Cup fixture at a discounted price.

Do Kids Need to Be Members Too?

Yes, in order to buy Old Trafford tickets for premier league matches, juniors also need to have a membership. The membership will again allow them to buy a single match ticket for each home game, if they’re available, of course. This would effectively mean that a family of four wanting to attend a premier league game at Old Trafford will have to buy four memberships and four tickets (ouch).

How Much Are the Memberships?

Man United memberships are priced at £20 per adult and £15 per child for a ‘lite membership’- which will allow you to buy tickets. Or, if you want to have a full membership then this will cost £32 per adult and £22 per child. There are also separate prices for young adults and senior citizens. Memberships expire on the 31st of May each year.

Becoming a member does come with extra benefits such as half-price entry to the Man Utd Museum and Stadium Tours and 10% off at the Man Utd Cafe, Megastore and Official Online Store*.

Expensive but Clever

You may have gathered by now that it is going to cost you a small fortune to attend a Manchester United home game if you plan on taking the whole family. While having to become a member in order to buy tickets is something that I find a little bit annoying, I have to say it’s a clever ploy in order to get you to go to more matches. I say this because you do end up wanting to make the most of your membership fee by attending more matches before your membership expires.

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