Do you take advantage of Groupon deals?


So just about everybody in the world has heard of Groupon by now, haven’t they? But do you take advantage of this site enough? I go through stages of using Groupon myself and each time I revisit the site I get a shock as to just how many good offers are available and I then start to wonder why I don’t use Groupon more regularly. Here are just a few offers that Mrs B. and I have taken advantage of in recent months.

Spa day for Mrs B.

One thing that Groupon never seems to be short on is great Spa day offers*. Everyone deserves a break from time to time and although I haven’t pulled on a robe and covered my own face in mud just yet, this is something that my wife enjoys doing from time to time. If you were to ring up a local spa centre to price up a spa day without any kind of offer being involved from a discount site like Groupon, then it’s likely that you wouldn’t get much change from £40 or £50, and that’s just for a basic day of pampering. Not long ago I spotted a deal on Groupon from a local Spa near our home who were offering a basic pamper package for just £13! Better yet, it was also a buy-one-get-one-free offer. So not only did Mrs B. get a day of relaxation and pampering, she was also able to treat one of her closest friends too.

Bowling with the kids

What kid doesn’t love bowling, right? Our kid’s do and it really is great fun. When you’re bowling with a family of four though, the costs can soon add up if you play a couple of games. Again we recently found a great bowling deal on Groupon which offered us 2 games of bowling for a family of four for just £9.99 – around 75% off the usual price. This offer tends to come and go throughout the year so if you want to check if it is currently available in your area then you can find the offer here*.

Family day out at a play farm

Another Groupon deal that we have taken advantage of a few times recently with the kids is to take them to a local working farm where they can enjoy seeing all of the animals, drive go karts, have pony rides and a lot more. There’s also a great indoor area with bouncy castles and big slides to keep them entertained while my wife and I enjoy a sneaky coffee and caramel slice. After we had used the 50% off voucher from Groupon, entry to the farm cost just £9 for a family of four instead of the usual £18, which is a great saving if you are paying regular visits to the place. I think I enjoy the day out more than the kids to be honest but we won’t tell them that. 🙂

If you want to check out current Groupon deals for family days out in your area then just click the ‘things to do’ tab on the Groupon Homepage*.

There are other deal sites too

I should just say here that there are obviously lots of other great deal sites like Groupon out there with fantastic offers available for you to take advantage of. I’m just mentioning Groupon today because it is a site which my wife and I have used a lot recently and have purchased some great deals from.

Have you found any great deals on Groupon or similar sites recently?  

6 Responses to Do you take advantage of Groupon deals?

  1. We like going to restaurants at least once a month, but we don’t go to any if it’s not with a Groupon. I don’t think I’ve paid more than $30 for a dinner for two in a loooong time. Sure I could always go to an inexpensive restaurant, but sometimes you have to live it up… but only pay half price.

  2. Right now, we are planning to use a groupon deals. I really wanted to have a body massage and facial, so this coming Saturday I already told my mom and sister to use our groupon deals.

  3. Gretchen says:

    We take full advantage of Groupon deals while we’re traveling, but not so much at home here in St. Louis! Really, we should, because there is so much to do. It’s amazing how much you can save with a well-timed groupon!

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