Dressing Well on a Tight Budget


The key to staying debt free is living within your means. Doing so can make a huge difference to your long-term financial health. Every time you buy something on credit and have to pay interest, you are effectively burning money.

Shockingly, according to a study carried out by credit.com, the average person in the US ends up paying $280,000 in interest, during their lifetime. This includes mortgage payments, so in some states the average is closer to $450,000. You can see a breakdown of those statistics here. Sadly, it is a pattern that is repeated the world over.

Without a doubt, it is worth taking as many steps as possible to reduce, or eliminate, your debt burden. The key to doing so is to shop wisely and use your resources carefully. That is certainly the case when it comes to buying clothes.

Stop buying on impulse

Most people find that when they stop buying their clothes on impulse they are able to cut their clothing budget in half, sometimes more. We have all done it, seen something on the rack and bought it with no idea of when we are going to wear it. Often, it is those items that end up languishing at the back of the wardrobe, until they are bagged up and given to a charity shop or put in the bin. This is bad for the environment as well as for your wallet.

Shop online

Another tip is to do as much of your clothes shopping online as you can. The fact that you can shop at anytime gives you the chance to shop around and really find the bargains. You will save the most money by buying expensive items this way. These days it is easy to buy affordable suits, shoes and coats online.

If you do choose to try out this way of shopping, remember to factor in the cost of postage before buying. Usually it still works out cheaper than buying elsewhere, but you always need to check before you buy. It is also wise to check out the firm’s returns policy.

Once you find online shops that you like to use, sign up to receive their promotional material. That way you will be notified of the best deals, which gives you the chance to buy quickly before they run out of stock. However, you do need to be careful not to buy items you do not really need just because the price is low.

Get more out of you existing wardrobe

Think before you throw something out. Often you can find another use for that item. For example, a pair of jeans with a hole in the leg could be turned into a pair of shorts, or used for gardening.

Learn how make simple alterations and do basic repairs

Often people end up throwing out perfectly good clothes because something no longer fits, or because the zip has broken. This is a shame because with a little time and patience you can usually alter or repair these clothes and get a lot more wear out of them.

Do you have any more tips for dressing well on a tight budget?

2 Responses to Dressing Well on a Tight Budget

  1. Buy a couple of ‘good suits’, then swap the blouses, accessories, etc. No-one notices the ‘basic suit’, but they do notice a new necklace, blouse, shoes etc. All for the fraction of the cost of a totally new outfit.

  2. Brad says:

    The biggest for me is the impulse buying. Especially when you see “SALE”…lol

    I do try to “repurpose”, like using worn out with holes, for shorts and yard work. My wife does most of the shopping, and she’s pretty frugal. Now she orders most of our clothes online!

    Good advice, love the site by the way…

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