Enjoy the Masters for just £5.74 with NOW TV & TopCashback


If you’re a big sports fan like I am then you might be rooting for Rory McIlroy this weekend as he has his first crack at a career grand slam in the Masters tournament at Augusta. It’s when these kinds of events come around that you would just love to be a Sky Sports subscriber, isn’t it?? Well the good news is that you can easily become a Sky Sports subscriber for just one week through the Now TV* service for just £5.74 when you go through the Cashback website TopCashback*. This will enable you to stream The Masters through any NOW TV supporting device as well as any other Sky Sports events being shown in the coming 7 days – which also happens to include the Manchester United v Manchester City game on Sunday. Not bad for just £5.74!

So how can you get the deal?

First of all you will need to visit the TopCashback site* and either sign in to your account or sign up for a free account if you don’t have one already. When you’ve done that you’ll need to search for NOW TV and click on the Sky Sports week pass deal which gives you £5.25 in Cashback when you purchase a £10.99 week long Sky Sports pass from NOW TV, bring the total cost down to just £5.74. If you have clicked through correctly then you will see a message pop up on your browser to inform you that any purchase will now be tracked and commission will be payable to you on any qualifying purchases made through the NOW TV website.

What about if you’re a movie buff?

If you’re more of a movie buff then perhaps you’ll be more interested in the exclusive £12.60 Cashback currently being offered by TopCashback when you purchase a Sky Movies Month pass, which incidentally only costs £9.99. In other words they’re effectively going to pay you to watch sky movies for a month, and with no minimum contract you can cancel your subscription at any time.

So there we have it, two great deals from TopCashback allowing you to enjoy either a week’s worth of Sky Sports action or a month’s worth of Sky Movies fun at a very appealable price. The other good thing is that the TopCashback deals don’t appear to be one time deals either. So the next time you want to enjoy some sports or movie action as a one off thing, you can go through the same process and make the most of the Cashback offers again.

Come on Rory, you can do it!

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  1. These are such a great deal from TopCashback. How I wish it’s also available in our country.

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