Feeling sorry for the people who…


I have to say I’m feeling a little sorry for the people who…

…have an eBay auction ending for their Amazon Kindle HDX today!

If you’ve ever sold anything on eBay via an auction format you will likely know just how temperamental these things can be. You research the item you are selling and see that one of them has sold for around £54 earlier in the day. So you list yours with no reserve and for some reason unbeknownst to you it sells for less than £30, WHAAAAT! That doesn’t make any sense you think. So what things could cause something like that to happen?

One example of why these things can happen on eBay presented itself today (well, last night) as I was browsing on Amazon. I found myself in the right place at the right time when I saw that Amazon had a pre Black Friday deal going for a brand new Amazon Fire HDX, and it really was a great deal. They were offering 50% off this kindle model, bringing the cost of this mid-range kindle down from a fairly steep £199 to a snap their hand off price of £99 with free delivery! Needless to say I snapped up a couple as my wife and I had both been thinking about a kindle for a while and the offer seemed too good to pass up. As I’m always on the hunt to earn a quick buck though, I thought I’d check how much they were selling for on eBay to see if I could flip a couple of them for a quick profit.

When I was browsing through the eBay search results I wasn’t at all surprised to see that quite a few people had had the same idea, with a bunch of new listings having gone live within the past hour from people selling that model of kindle at around the £125 mark and some of them had already sold. The interesting thing is that when I looked at some of the Kindle HDX auctions that were finishing within just a few minutes, some of the same model kindle’s were selling for around £160 as people had obviously been bidding on them – or set their maximum bid price – some time before all these new lower price kindles had appeared on sale.

So there are a few people we could feel sorry for here. Firstly we could feel sorry for those people who had just overpaid for a Kindle that they thought was cheap but which could have been much cheaper if they had either been on eBay at the right time to pick up these cheaper kindles that were now being sold, or better yet been browsing on Amazon at the right time to pick up the £99 deal. These things do happen quite often though, so I won’t lose too much sleep over that. The people I do feel sorry for are the people who have a kindle for sale by auction on eBay which is due to finish either today or within the next couple of days, as it is now quite likely that they are going to lose out big time as there will be a raft of cheap Kindles available for purchase on a buy it now, probably driving the auction prices down. As the deal is a limited time offer on Amazon they will also probably have no idea as to why their Kindle sold so cheaply.

As I’m writing this I’m actually wondering whether I should give up flipping items when I see them going cheap but as unfortunate as it is that someone might miss out on getting the best possible deal, sometimes you are just randomly in the right place at the right time and I do feel that people are entitled to make a little money at times.

What it does go to show is that when you list something for auction on eBay you are always running the risk that some outside force might affect your end sale price, unless you have a reserve price in place of course. Personally I almost always use the ‘buy it now or best offer’ feature when selling on eBay to negate that from happening. I also like this option because the buyer always feels like they have got a good deal when you accept their offer.

Have you ever had an eBay auction sell for much less than you expected it to?   

4 Responses to Feeling sorry for the people who…

  1. moneystepper says:

    The danger of selling second hand goods around Black Friday! You’d be gutted wouldn’t you??

    • Adam Buller says:

      You certainly would be MS. Hopefully people will have noticed and removed their listing but judging by the fact that the deal is still live on Amazon the oversupply on eBay could linger for a while yet. It’s gutting when you lose out because of taking a risk on an auction.

  2. I use to sell on Ebay a few years back and I totally understand. I was selling products in a certain niche and doing pretty well. Then Ebay started have regular sales for the items I was selling with the same type of products. It made it harder for me to get the inventory off my hands. During the holidays unless you have something very unique selling on Ebay can be a waste.

  3. I’ve been lucky and have had my auctions go for close to what I was hoping for.

    Great job on finding the deal. I’d wait until after the weekend or even a few extra days and list the Kindle for sale. Let the inventory drop so you can get maximum profit.

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