Female Entrepreneurs – 6 Success Stories Among Working Women


The current financial climate has left many people in some doubt about their future careers, and how to progress forward. This in turn has left many women wondering whether they should take a risk and have a go at being their own boss. If that sounds like an idea you’ve thought about from time to time, there are quite a few success stories to prove that hard work and perseverance can pay off. Here are 6 great examples of successful female entrepreneurs.

  1. Salima Manju – Baby Plus Baby – A woman who had spent many years working towards her dream job of investment banking, but soon settled down with her new partner and had two children. Upon returning to work, Manji struggled to balance her personal life and her career, and finally bit the bullet and made plans to launch her own business. As Manji herself commented on, it was the risk more than anything that made her nervous about the venture, however, with her mind set she started up her own supper’s club for singles. The London Dinner Club, which finally launched in 2010, has proven to be a successful venture, and one that shows that when breaking into starting up your own business, remember to work hard, but be sensible with your aims. You can’t run before you can walk.
  2. Gillian Nissam – Working Mums – The founder and creator of online success Working Mums, which is a safe haven for all mums looking for advice, and help, getting back into work, but with jobs that are flexible and suited to their needs. Nissam decided to start up the business when she noticed just how difficult it was to return to work, and still have time for your family, there simply didn’t seem to be enough jobs that offered flexible working hours. This particular success story is even more inspiring when you consider that Working Mums is more than just ‘another jobsite’, it’s a network that supports and helps others to process along the entrepreneurial ladder.
  3. Marcia Kilgore – Fit Flop – Marcia has become a well-known name thanks to her intuitive to create a flip flop that helps you sculpt and tone your muscles without the need to go to the gym – after all, how many mums have the time to fit in the gym when they’re juggling everything else? Although Kilgore had to deal with many ‘business meetings’ that left her no further near her end goal, she continued to pursue her dream, and finally found both the engineers and the designers who could create this type of footwear. After the initial launch, her website received over 135,000 hits within the first week on the flip flops going on sale, which has led to Kilgore developing alternative types of shoes, such as running shoes and sandals.
  4. Abi Wright – Spa Breaks – Abi is an entrepreneur who stuck with her business through the hard times, and now is the well-known name for Spabreaks.com. What was once her, and her colleagues contacting hotels, trying to gain trust, has now turned into a booming business where the hotels are coming to them. Several years down the line, Wright is keeping her business apart from the rest by delivering Retreat Packages for those suffering or recovering from cancer, a very niche sector of the spa and wellbeing industry that often get overlooked.
  5. Julie Deane – Cambridge Satchel Company – With a small budget of just £600, Julie made her way up the business ladder, and has now developed a much respected brand of bags that even has a celebrity following. Having been frustrated at having to rely on cheap, nylon bags that broke before too long, Deane set out in launching a range of satchel bags that were versatile and fashionable. The Cambridge Satchel Company is now a much loved brand, and is a business that many people have heard of, and all from such a simple idea, and a small budget.
  6. Nicola Elliot – co-founder of Neom Organics – A business which started all because Elliot struggled to find a luxurious, pampering gift set that was green minded and friendly to the planet and ourselves. This move into the beauty industry was quite a change of scenery from her usual job, which at the time was a journalist, however, with passionate burning, and the determination to see her business idea through to the end, Elliot continued to work on her brand.

As you can see, there are many working mums that have managed to become entrepreneurs, although often times it hasn’t been plain sailing. A lot of work, not to mention realism was involved, but their determination and desire to succeed paid off. Perhaps it could pay off for you too?

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  1. I’m always so inspired by entrepreneurial success stories- especially from busy women! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Nicole Bandes says:

    I love reading stories from other successful women entrepreneurs! Thanks for sharing these.

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