Find a Cheap Hobby and Enjoy Life More


It is easy to think that saving money has to mean sitting about in the house not doing much. After all, life is so expensive these days that doing anything at all costs a fortune, doesn’t it? Actually, it doesn’t have to be like that if you manage to find a cheap hobby to occupy your time.


Reading books is one of those hobbies that you can do cheaply but which you can also spend a lot of money on if you aren’t careful. For a start, people who live in the UK are really lucky to have a big choice of places where they can buy low cost books from. Since I moved away from Britain I really miss the low cost book shops and the charity shops which sell a huge variety of titles for next to nothing. Add in the great public library system and you can read as much as you want without damaging your bank account at all.


Another inexpensive hobby which the UK offers to anyone looking for it is walking. The country is filled with great beaches, countryside and walking trails which are all waiting to be explored. This hobby is something we need to take a bit more care over than the previous one. For example, if you drive far to get to a trail or you eat your lunch in a pub the cost could start to add up. Instead, you should start off by checking out local walking destinations (you might be surprised by how many you find which are interesting) and by taking a packed lunch with you. This is a wonderful hobby for people of all ages and if you have kids then you should do your best to encourage them to go out walking with you. An alternative is to go cycling, although this will be expensive if you don’t have the bikes and safety gear to start with. Either walking or cycling also has a number of other benefits, such as keeping you fit and being kind to the planet. You might eventually consider using one of these methods of transport to get to work too, which will save you money.


Maybe there is a secret artist lurking in you. Painting is a hobby which is going to cost a little money to get started on but entry level art supplies aren’t at all expensive. Even before you do this, you might want to pass some time wandering around a few free art galleries to check out different styles and themes. As you get started it is the kind of absorbing hobby which can see you pass hours on it without you even noticing. Who knows; you might even end up selling some of your works of art and earning money from the hobby. Even if you don’t it will still give you a really enjoyable way to pass some time without spending much cash.

Start Gardening

Gardening is a hobby which you can again spend some money on but which can also be low cost if you want it to be. Instead, of buying fully grown plants to put in your garden you can buy cheap seeds and grow the things you want. If you have a small garden you might not think that this is going to be a very time consuming hobby but once you get started you could get really caught up in it. Gardening could also turn into a real money saver for you if you end up growing some fruit and vegetables in your garden, helping you to eat healthily on the cheap.

Do you enjoy any of these cheap hobbies or can you suggest others?

15 Responses to Find a Cheap Hobby and Enjoy Life More

  1. FI Pilgrim says:

    Dang. I was hoping that golf made the list. ::sigh::

  2. Reading is a fantastically cheap hobby until people start BUYING books. I don’t understand why when the libraries have such a great selection.

  3. I really want to start a fruit and vegetable garden! I think I need to start planning now to be ready for next year – I’ll have to get creative, as my backyard is quite wooded and really shady. I think it can be done, though, and it’d be so worth it to eat the food I grew myself!

    Really nice list – I’ve already got the reading and walking down 🙂

  4. Awesome post! I sometimes feel like I’m boring because I read so much, but it really is a huge money-saver!

  5. First thing I thought of too was reading. You’re right – it can be expensive. But, the library is the ultimate money saver! Another idea is to get a group of friend together and everyone buys a book and then passes it around the group. How often do you re-read books anyway?

    • Robert Bell says:

      Nice idea about passing round the books Janine. I love giving a friend a book which has inspired or entertained me

  6. I’m trying to find a hobby for a while now just to cut on the work hours, but it’s still difficult. Gardening seems like the best idea now that we’ve just bought a small farm house relatively close to the city – nice, clean air and nature all around… that already sounds relaxing. But hopefully I will make it happen too because I generally get lost between the planning and making it happen phase :))

    • Robert Bell says:

      Gardening is great fun if you get into the swing C. It’s not to everoyne’s taste but I hope you manage you make it happen

  7. I would add blogging/writing to this list. My blog takes up most of my free time and I’ve actually been able to make money with it, which is even more frugal than most other hobbies! I actually gave up golfing and snowboarding because they were high-cost hobbies. I would rather read, write, watch TV shows/movies, or work out.

    • Robert Bell says:

      Good point DC. Since I already had an internet connection and PC my only blogging expense is for the copious amounts of coffee I drink while typing

  8. Martin says:

    Great advice indeed. I like to use reading as a hobby which is pretty cheap because I lend from the library. If you need to save money, you can still live without worries and be happy.

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