Where Can I Find a House To Rent Online?


Remember the days of scouring the local newspapers every Monday evening to see what new houses had come up for rent or driving around the streets all weekend looking for that elusive ‘For Rent’ board? You may even have spent every Saturday trailing around all your local estate agents in the rain. Well since the Internet took over, finding a house to rent has become a whole lot easier. Most people just hop on to the Rightmove website, type in their criteria and voila a list of houses for you to browse at your leisure. There is one small danger with this seeming convenience though, many excellent houses that are possibly perfect for your needs might slip through the net.

You may or may not know that many private landlords aren’t actually able to list a property for rent on Rightmove without going through an agent. There are also still some letting agents around that don’t use Rightmove to promote their available houses to rent. (I can only assume that this is due to cost)

So if for whatever reason an available house hasn’t been listed on Rightmove, is there anywhere else you might be able to find them online so you don’t have to go on an old fashioned house hunt? Yes! Many of the landlords who are either unwilling or unable to list a house on Rightmove still advertise their houses for rent online, but where??? Here are a few places you can look.


Although auction sites like Gumtree & eBay*advertise pretty much anything, it still comes as a shock to many that you can also find houses to rent on these sites. Mrs.B and I are currently searching for a new house to rent and we came across one on Gumtree. Although the search options and descriptions on these sites might not be as user friendly or informative as on Rightmove, the listings still give you the basic information required and if you need any more you can either ring or send a message to the landlord requesting it. It can also be handy to deal directly with the landlord when arranging viewings or discussing the financial side of things.


Zoopla is one of the biggest rivals to Rightmove when it comes to property listings. Although both sites work in a similar way they often list different houses. You also might find that a property appears on one site before the other or a house may even be advertised at a different price so it’s certainly worth checking both Zoopla and Rightmove when looking for a house to rent online.


OpenRent is another rental website I recently came across whilst house hunting. Although the properties listed on OpenRent can often be found on other lettings sites, again it’s still worth checking OpenRent’s site regularly to catch those early listings before they appear on more well known rental websites.

Letting Agent Websites

As we mentioned earlier some letting agents still don’t list properties on Rightmove. If you’ve seen a local property you like but can’t find it on Rightmove then do a Google search to see if the letting agent has a website of their own. Most lettings agents will have a website containing details and photo’s of their available houses to rent.


If you have a slightly bigger budget than the average tenant then be sure to check out Prime Location. Prime location focus on helping the middle-upper tier renters find the perfect house to rent. They attract over 5 million visitors a month and advertise properties from over 16,000 estate and letting agent branches.


The good thing about renting properties that are signed up to Rentify is that they have all their maintenance needs handled by a dedicated company rather than the landlord. This can make things far more efficient if your boiler ever breaks or your electricity cuts out. If you have a particular maintenance person/company you prefer to use, they can arrange for them to be used for your new property and will jump in when your regular person is unable to fix something.

Have you used one of these sites or can you think of any other rental websites? Please share your experience below.

10 Responses to Where Can I Find a House To Rent Online?

  1. Pauline says:

    I publish my rooms on gumtree mainly. There are also sites like roommates or flatshares who allow you to advertise a room only but the ads are more complicated to set up.

    • I didn’t know until recently that so many landlords listed on Gumtree, that’s mainly why I wanted to share this list for anyone on a rental search. Thanks for the input Pauline.

  2. I actually didn’t know about most of these sites. I’ve looked on Craigslist and Kijiji and there are a ton of scams on both (but mostly on Craigslist). It’s nice to know that there are more options out there, not that I’m renting anymore (but if we ever need to rent our suite).

  3. No, I’ve never used one of those sites before. I have noticed a decline of homes for rent in the local newspaper mainly because of the ease of doing it online. If we were looking to rent a house we would likely search online for free at Kijiji. Cheers Mate

  4. I’ve not heard of any of these sites before. There were a number of ones we used when we were renting in the past. We use Craigslist all the time for different things, though I don’t know that I would for a rental.

  5. Actually this is new information to me. I am aware of Craigslist, Adpost and eBay when we are looking for house before. Yes internet is a big help in looking for house, it can save a lot of money and time also.

  6. It is interesting that there are so many sites to help renters overseas. In Australia there is only really 2 main websites (realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au)

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