Free 24hr Pet Careline for ALL UK PET OWNERS

Free 24HR Pet Careline For ALL UK PET OWNERS


The Coronavirus crisis has made things difficult for pet owners needing a health check for their pet. Many veterinary practices are now having to offer reduced services and treatments, with some only offering emergency care. This has left pet owners with general pet health concerns worried and confused.

For this reason, pet insurance provider Scratch and Patch have decided to open up their 24 Hour Careline to all pet owners. They will offer this service FOR FREE until the 12th of May 2020. Scratch and Patch usually reserve this Careline for policy holders only, but for this limited time it is open to all UK pet owners. 

The Scratch and Patch careline is run by Vets Direct Limited. Vets Direct have been providing expert advice to pet owners for 10 years. This means you can be sure you’ll get some good advice if your pet is ill or injured. Not only could this free Careline access be helpful for your pet’s health, it could also save your health. It could do this by eliminating unnecessary vet trips during the Covid-19 outbreak.

So, if you feel that the Scratch and Patch Careline could be useful for you then you can find the phone number and instructions on this page of the Scratch and Patch website*.

As we said, this free service is open to all pet owners until the 12th of May. But who knows, Scratch and Patch may decide to extend the offer if the outbreak/lockdown continues beyond this date. So if your pet’s well being is worrying you, then don’t be afraid to take advantage of this free service.  

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