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Get Sky Sports for £5.99 a Month With Now TV


Have you dreamed of being able to watch Sky Sports every month but just can’t afford it?

Well, the new Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass* from NOW TV might just make your dreams come true!

The new pass from NOW TV enables you to watch Sky Sports on your mobile phone for an entire month for just £5.99. Better yet, it’s available on a rolling monthly contract so you can cancel it at any time.  

What Channels Will You Get?

The Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass* comes with access to 4 Channels. These are Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Arena and Sky Sports News.

This means that you can enjoy all of the best Premier League action for just £5.99 a month. You can also watch the NFL and more on Sky Sports Action and then enjoy Tennis or Darts on Sky Sports Arena.

If you’ve not had enough by then, you can catch up on all the latest sports news. There are even more sports to choose from too.

How Does it Compare to Other NOW TV Sports Passes?

A standard Sky Sports month pass that you can watch on your TV currently costs £33.99 a month. So you can see why the Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass offers such good value.

Even a standard priced week pass at £11.99 or day pass at £7.99 still come in more expensive than the new Mobile Month Pass.

That being said, at the time of writing there is a deal for both new and existing customers to get a standard Sky Sports Month Pass for just £16.99* for the month. Not a bad deal at all given it’s a Ryder cup month.

Can You Cast Live to Your TV?

If you are hoping that you might be able to cast the stream to your TV from your mobile then you may be disappointed. This is because NOW TV don’t currently support Chromecast or other types of casting or screen mirroring. Believe me, I just tried.

You’ll also need to have a supported device to be able to watch NOW TV on your mobile.

Can I Get it for Just One Month?

Yes it’s fine to get a pass for just one month. Just be sure to remember to cancel it before your month is up. All NOW TV Monthly passes renew automatically each month, so if you don’t cancel then you’ll be charged again.

Getting a pass for just one month could be great if you’re only interest in watching specific games.

Perhaps it might be worth getting a pass for the holiday period when there are a lot of Premier League games on. Or NFL fans might only want to have a pass for the NFL season or even just the playoffs.

What Else Do Now TV Offer?

A lot of people only know of NOW TV as a service for watching Sky Sports and Sky Movies. But what else do they offer?

For a start, they now offer their own budget broadband packages. At times they also do deals where you can combine their broadband packages with a Sky Sports, Movies or Entertainment pass for a discount price.

On top of this they also offer streaming boxes and sticks similar to those offered by Roku. In fact, both Roku and Now TV are actually owned by Sky. It would therefore make sense that the streaming equipment offered by both companies are similar in design.

Sky Sports on a Budget

So, if you’ve been dying to watch the premier league live since it kicked off again but can’t afford a full Sky Sports subscription, then perhaps the new NOW TV Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass* could be the solution for you. At £5.99 per month on a rolling ‘cancel anytime’ contract, I genuinely feel it’s cheap and offers great value!

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