Getting the Best Deal on a New TV


Prices on new televisions seem to be dropping rapidly and it’s not too hard to get a good deal on a new television if you know where to look. If you are considering buying a state of the art television at a good price then it’s time to hit the net and undertake a little research.

The latest televisions

The main concern with buying a new TV – aside from the price – is that the technology can become outdated very quickly. The LCD (liquid crystal display) television you purchased for upwards of £500 is now last year’s model and tech savvy consumers are already switching to LED (light emitting diodes) models. Compared to LCD TVs the LEDs are slimmer, brighter, more power efficient and come in a range of sizes. Arguably the only downside to the latest LED televisions is that the viewing angle is slightly narrow.

Price-watch online

As with any consumable, there are major price variations for the latest models. You can pick up the latest 55 inch Panasonic LED 3D television online for around £1,400, but do check through comparison sites to make sure you’re getting the best available deal.

Supermarkets are now one of the places to find cut price electronic goods, both in-store and online. The big name supermarkets now have their own catalogues for buying goods such as televisions and they will often have sales and special offers throughout the year.

One point to remember if you are buying online is to conduct a search for online discount vouchers. These come with a code which you can enter on the website before checking out, bringing additional savings.

The high street stores

If you know where to look on the high street you can pick up a well-known brand, 40” LED television for around £300. The trick is to get in quick as soon as they discounts are advertised.

The big-name computer stores are well worth a look as they do turnaround stock quickly and always have the latest models available. When the upgraded televisions come in, the slightly older models will then be reduced in price.

The Big Sales

It now seems as if every store is having some sort of sale every week but there are times when the ‘real’ sales arrive and you can make great savings on televisions. In the UK, the January sales are the best time to find dramatic savings on electrical goods. January is when the television manufacturers roll out their latest models, and the specifications on the latest models won’t be hugely different from the previous ones if you are looking at LED televisions.

The insurance factor

A point to remember is that although you can now buy a great television for a few hundred pounds there are many retailers who will then try to sell you a range of different insurance, protection and repair options guaranteed to bump the final price up. Televisions should be sold with a guarantee included, usually for one year. It’s up to you to decide whether these extra insurance options are worth the money depending on how long you expect to keep your television before upgrading.

The key to finding the television you want at a great price is to do the research. Check out customer reviews on quality versus price and always keep an eye out for those special discounts during throughout the year.

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  1. Moneywise says:

    Great post, thank you Adam. I can actually relate a lot of points from the article to any type of technology which you are planning to purchase. I myself mostly shop for electronics only in January, Boxing Day wohooo…But I usually don’t go to the shops, during this day there are also massive sales on eBay and Amazon. The reason why I don’t go shopping on these days is because you can get killed in the crowd 😀 and you feel like a sheep 😀

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