10 Timeless Good Cheap Presents For Kids!


It’s unfortunate but due to the rising cost of living, many of us just don’t have the money to splash out on expensive presents at the moment. Whether you’re looking for good cheap presents for your own kids or just shopping for close family members, I hope this list helps you find some good presents that kids will love and get hours of fun from for years to come!

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BOP IT SMASH – Bop It Is one of the most addictive yet frustrating games known to man! This updated version of the game is sure to be a huge hit in 2012 and that’s why it’s first on my list of good cheap presents for kids. It’s fantastic fun for all the family and you will forever be remembered as the cool Aunt or Uncle who bought BOP IT!

MONOPOLY – Monopoly might sound like a cliche present but it’s one of the best selling board games of all time for a reason! Once opened the whole family will soon be drawn into a property ownership war that will keep the fun going for hours. There’s also not many games out there that allow kids to make their parents bankrupt!

Angry Birds Board Game

If you think ‘Monopoly’ & ‘Bop It’ are too cliche then why not get with the times and treat a loved one to this Angry Birds Knock On Wood Board Game! I’m sure the Smart Phone app will win out in the end but the kids will get a few days of fun out of this novelty board game!



I’m sorry for the generalization here but most Boys out there love football! It doesn’t take long for a football to get ruined when playing in the school yard so a new shiney football will likely go down well with most young boys.

Disney Princess Snow Globe Maker

Snow Globes have been a hit with girls for centuries, nowadays they can make their own! Featuring famous Disney charachters this really is a good present and deserves a place on the list.

Moshi Monsters ‘Where Is Moshi?’ Game

These little critters look like they’re going to be a regular feature on the cheap presents list for a while yet! This version of the classic ‘Guess Who’ boardgame will keep kids entertained for hours trying to find their favourite Moshi.   

Tomy Pop Up Pirate

This classic toy is currently sitting in the number 2 spot on Amazon’s most wished for list of toys. At only £7.50 it is also a cheap toy and will provide the kids with years of fun!


You really can’t fail with a good Disney Movie! For many Disney Films are just over the price bracket to be an everyday purchase for kids. When it comes to buying as a present though, they are still relatively cheap in the grand scheme of things. If you factor in how many times they are likely to be watched they are a definately a good present!

Galt Nail Art Set 

This kids nail art set has been sitting at or around the top of Amazon’s best seller list for a while now and is definitely a good present for girls! It’s currently priced at just £4.99 but is obviously subject to change.



 If you’re still struggling for idea’s don’t be afraid to resort to a Gift Card!

5 Responses to 10 Timeless Good Cheap Presents For Kids!

  1. I’m rubbish when it comes to gifts and since all my nieces and nephews are in the UK I simply send them a check and they buy what they want. If I was in the UK, I’d likely get them a toy they wanted but with-in a certain budget amount. Mr.CBB

  2. This week there was a sale on a Toy Story 3 memory game for $1.00 at Toys r us. My wife bought it for her cousin’s son. We always try to get them something small.
    She’s always on the lookout for a great deal with toys for my niece and nephew and saved us a good chunk of change by doing it. For my nieces b-day she bought some $80.00 talking baby doll for $20.00 after Christmas.

  3. Jason Clayton | frugal habits says:

    That snow glob maker looks pretty cool. I think my 4 year old would love it… Thanks for the great list.

  4. We got the Lion King blu ray when it first came out….we as parents were overly excited about it. So worth the splurge, though. Board games over here tend to be what I consider expensive, but I guess compared to other things you could be getting for kids for Christmas the prices really aren’t that bad. Tomy might be making a trip across the pond…

  5. Monopoly is an awesome game. It’s fun, competitive, and educational. Good choice to add to your list. I like being the “shoe.”

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