Welcome to Money Bulldog


Welcome to Money Bulldog

This is the first post of many from our brand new personal finance blog Money Bulldog. The aim of our blog will be to give you an in depth knowledge of as many areas of both personal and business finance as possible so you can keep your money where it belongs, In Your Pocket!

Before I mention a few of the topics we’re going to be covering first of all let me tell you a little bit about me.

My name is Adam and I’m a family man from the North of England. I have a strong background in the financial services sector and have decided to share some of the things I’ve learned over the years with others to help you make more informed choices when it comes to the financial decisions you make in your life. As a business owner I’ve also got plenty of business tips to share that I know you’ll find useful.

Here are some of the topics we intend to cover on Money Bulldog

Saving Money

The current financial crisis has made life tough for many families in the UK. We’ll share some money saving and budgeting tips to help make your money stretch that little bit further.

Making money

I’ve spent most of my working life running my own business. I’ll tell you how I do it but more importantly how you can.


Mortgages are one of the biggest financial commitments most people will ever make, because of this though mortgages can also cause great financial pain. We’ll do our best to break down the confusing world of mortgage finance to help you avoid expensive mistakes.


Whether it’s car insurance, home insurance, life insurance or any other form of insurance cover, we’ll again attempt to give you a greater knowledge of how insurance policies work and whether they’re worth the investment.


Consumer debt has crippled the spending power of many people and families in the UK today. We’ll show you how to deal debt and also how to become debt free!

Important News

We’ll also be covering important financial news stories that might affect your finances.

I hope you enjoy our future posts and get something positive out of the Money Bulldog experience.

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