Home Insurance ~ Do you know what you’re covered for?


When it comes to getting a good deal on any kind of insurance, comparison sites have quite possibly been the greatest online consumer invention of our millennia. I suspect that most people reading this post have saved thousands of pounds on their insurance costs just by using one of these sites.

As much as we all love to save money though, there is a hidden danger in the use of comparison sites when they are not used correctly. The danger is that we become so obsessed with the price of a certain policy, that we don’t give proper attention to what the policy actually covers.

The biggest mistake we can make is to think that all home insurance policies are pretty much the same. I’m sure that anyone who has ever had to make a claim will back me up when I say that all policies are anything but the same. Only when you’re unfortunate enough to be placed in the position of having to make a claim though do we realise just how much insurance policies do differ.

So what are you covered for?

Although when it comes to our financial well-being, this question has the potential be one of the most important questions to have an answer to; it’s surprising how many people don’t. Be honest, how well do you know the details of your home insurance cover? Looking back do you feel you spent enough time comparing the levels of cover offered by home insurance providers? If not, maybe now might be a good time to take out your policy documents and take an in-depth look at what you’re covered for and also how much you’re covered for.

Have your circumstances changed?

You will likely know that most home insurance policies run on a 12 month policy. The problem is that a lot can happen in 12 months. You may have made some large purchases; maybe you’ve had an extension built or something else of that sort. As our circumstances change, the level of cover or features required on our home insurance policy might change too.

I’ll check them tomorrow

So you’ve decided it might be a good idea to take second look at your policy. It can wait until tomorrow, right? When it comes to finding the time to sit down and review your insurance policy, the old adage holds true, Tomorrow Never Comes. When you decide to review your policy really is up to you, but can you afford to wait? As recent news stories have sadly reminded us, the unexpected could be just around the corner. Let’s say that you made the time available today to review your policy documents and discovered that a certain aspect of your policy was unsuitable, or perhaps a change in circumstances has even invalidated your policy.

If disaster were to strike tomorrow, I’m sure you would be glad that you had made the time available today to review those documents and ensure your financial future.

2 Responses to Home Insurance ~ Do you know what you’re covered for?

  1. Always a good idea to revisit those policies. Especially when making a large personal purchase, such as jewelry, or a large improvement purchase. Good stuff here, Adam. Thanks!

  2. Good advice! It only takes a minute to review the info (if you can find the paperwork).

    We’re looking at saving some money by increasing our deductible, so it definitely pays to sped the 10 minutes to review!

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