Home Insurance ~ Is It Worth Getting Accidental Damage Cover?


When it comes to taking out home insurance there are so many different boxes to tick and extras to choose from it can all get a bit confusing! One extra I always say yes to is ‘Do you want accidental damage cover?’. It’ll cost you a few pounds extra a month but let me explain why I won’t be without accidental damage cover.

My First Home Insurance Policy

Five Years Ago I took the huge step of buying my own home! Up until this time I hadn’t really bothered with home insurance. As I’d only lived on my own for about a year I didn’t have that many contents and because it was a rented property I didn’t have to worry about insuring the building. Now I was buying my own house this had all changed. Unless I wanted to risk paying a mortgage for the rest of my life on a house that might burn down I didn’t have much choice, I had to take out home insurance! So I decided to get a quote from a comparison site* to see how much it would cost me.

I was now faced with the array of questions and options presented to you on a home insurance quote form. One of those questions asked if I wanted to add accidental damage cover to the policy? My immediate response was yes, of course I do! When I added it to the policy though, I noticed that my monthly repayment on the policy had increased by a few pounds a month. I started to question myself, do I really need accidental damage cover?

After much deliberation I decided it was worth the few extra pounds a month and I’m glad I did! Had I not had accidental damage cover on my home insurance I doubt very much that my home insurance company would have paid out for the following embarrassing damage, but thankfully they did payout at great expense to them!

Renovation time!

As mentioned in previous articles on Money Bulldog the house I bought was quite a project. After watching far too many episodes of property ladder and Grand Designs, I decided I was capable of doing all the necessary work myself and set off on the project of a lifetime! It wasn’t long before I had my first accident.

I’m not bad at DIY (really I’m not!) but to think I knew everything about every trade was a big mistake. I was ripping out some old, out of use lead boiler pipes through the house with no problems, then I reached the living room! There hadn’t been a trace of water in any of the pipes that I’d ripped out so far but when I reached floor level I came across a stop tap. I assumed that because the main water supply to my house now came in through the kitchen, the old Victorian water supply MUST now be disconnected so proceeded to rip out the stop tap, big mistake it was still connected!

Mains pressure water came flying out of the pipe! As I’d ripped off the only stop tap I had no way of stopping the water from coming out. After a good half an hour of being sprayed in the face with water and thinking a cushion would be enough to stop it, I eventually got my head together and managed to hammer the pipe shut. The aftermath wasn’t pretty! I’d flooded the entire ground floor of our home ruining our flooring, kitchen units, sofa and a lot of other furniture. The phone call to my wife of 8 months wasn’t the best!

Although this is an embarrassing story to tell, I hope others can learn something important from it. Always add accidental damage to your home insurance policy! Although I had meant to rip the pipe out, I had no idea of the damage it would cause, it was an accident.

Accidents Happen All The Time

I’m not saying that every accident you have will cost as much to repair as mine did! When you take into account the insurance excess, some accidents won’t even be worth claiming for. You never know what potential claims you might need to make for accidental damage though. Some of them could be quite expensive to put right and you’ll be glad you paid the few pounds extra for accidental damage cover when the time comes.

5 Responses to Home Insurance ~ Is It Worth Getting Accidental Damage Cover?

  1. Tackling Our Debt says:

    You raise an excellent point! I am not sure if we have accidental damage coverage or if it is even an option in Canada, but I am going to check tomorrow. Funny water story. Sorry it ruined everything, but hey, in the end you got new everything, so that is cool.

    • Yeah it worked out well for us in the end. Didn’t seem that way at the time though!

      • So your story had me really curious if we have the same coverage in Canada and since I was looking for a new insurance company anyways I called a few and asked about accidental damage coverage. Turns out that here it depends on the incident as to whether we would be covered or not. They said that if we did what you did we would not be covered. But we do have some other rather weird coverage. If for example I had a kid and he was playing baseball with the neighbor kid and accidentally knocked out the neighbor kid’s front teeth with the baseball, we could use our insurance coverage to pay to fix the kid’s teeth. Weird, huh.

        • It’s really weird, if i was to hammer a nail into a wall and go through an electrical wire my accidental damage cover would likely cover it but I’m not sure it would cover my neighbours kids teeth! It just goes to show how important it is to check the small print when taking out a policy. It’s so tempting to go for the cheapest insurance cover but it’s often not the right cover!

  2. AverageJoe says:

    Good tip. I think everyone’s had a story where something ugly like that’s happened to their house. If they haven’t, it’s only a matter of time!

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