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In this HomeProtect.co.uk review we take a closer look at this specialist home insurance provider, to help you decide if they are the right choice for you.

We’ll look at some of the specialist areas they cover, to see exactly what HomeProtect have to offer their customers.

Finally, we’ll look at some HomeProtect reviews that have been left on external review sites, to see how verified customers rate HomeProtect.

Let’s start by looking at who HomeProtect* are and why you might want to insure with them.

Who Are HomeProtect?

HomeProtect are a specialist Home Insurance company. They aim to provide insurance in circumstances where standard insurers may be unwilling or unable to offer cover.

HomeProtect are owned by Avantia Insurance. Their policies are underwritten by AXA Insurance, Ageas and Legal & General.

What do HomeProtect Offer?

There are many circumstances where standard home insurance providers may be unwilling to offer cover on a property. This is where HomeProtect come in. Here are some of the specialist circumstances where HomeProtect may be able to come to your rescue.

Landlord Insurance

Being a landlord presents many unique circumstances which often cannot be covered by a standard home insurance policy. For this reason, many insurers do not offer this kind of cover. HomeProtect have policies tailored directly to the needs of landlords. This includes cover not just for the building but also for things like:

  • Contents you own which are left inside the property
  • Home emergency cover
  • Rent guarantee cover
  • Cover against loss of rent
  • Legal expenses
  • Lost keys cover
  • Specialist cover for landlords with live-in lodgers

It’s quick and simple to get a HomeProtect Landlords Insurance quote*. The whole process can be completed online in a matter of minutes.

Unoccupied Home Insurance

Most standard home insurance policies won’t cover a property if it is left unoccupied for a period of 30 days or more. This means that specialist cover will likely need to be put in place in to ensure your property is protected.

Of course, the owners of a vacant property will likely have extra requirements when it comes to what they want cover for.

HomeProtect addresses these needs by offering cover for things like vandalism, escape of water, legal costs, public liability, flood/fire/storm damage and cover against theft/breaking and entering.

Here are some of the levels of Vacant Property cover quoted on the HomeProtect website. If you like what you see then its quick and simple to get a Vacant Property Insurance quote from HomeProtect*.

HomeProtect vacant property insurance benefits

Insurance for Flood Risk Properties

Many standard insurers will also refuse to quote on properties with a history of flooding. This could be because a property has been flooded in the past. It may also be deemed to be at risk of flooding due to coastal factors, or if it is on a flood plain.

HomeProtect can offer specialist insurance for flood risk properties. They also support the government backed scheme ‘Flood Re’. This means they can now insure many more houses than they could in the past.

If you’re not eligible for ‘Flood Re’ then it’s still worth getting a quote with HomeProtect, as they may be able to insure you anyway.  

HomeProtect Specialist Flood Home Insurance benefits

When it comes to alternative accommodation cover in the event of a flood, it’s good to know that HomeProtect will offer up to £30,000 of cover per claim.

If you have a flood risk property then why not get a Specialist Flood Insurance quote* from HomeProtect to see if they can help.

Specialist Holiday Home Insurance

As with vacant properties, Holiday Homes also require specialist insurance.

HomeProtect provide holiday let insurance to those with a Holiday Home in the UK. They cover many different types of property in a variety of UK settings. They also cover guests who book through sites like Airbnb*.

Listed below are some of the specialist Holiday Home Insurance benefits from the HomeProtect Website.

HomeProtect specialist holiday home insurance benefits

It’s quick and simple to get a HomeProtect Holiday Home Insurance quote* and the whole process can be completed online in a matter of minutes.

Insurance for Properties Undergoing Renovation

Many people don’t realise that your insurance could become invalid if you are renovating your home and you don’t let your insurer know. This can apply whether you are living in the property or not. This is because the risk of damage occurring to your home rises greatly while a property is being renovated.

Not only this, but there is also a greater risk of injury to the general public at this time. This is why HomeProtect include Public Liability Cover of up to £5miilion as standard with this kind of insurance.

So, if you run into problems with your current insurer then HomeProtect* may be able to help you out by providing cover.

Insurance for Running a Business from Home

Many more people are running businesses from their homes these days and it can be a truly fulfilling endeavour.

What most don’t realise, however, is that this can also affect your insurance needs. Even if your current home insurance company will allow you to run a business from your home, the policy may still not be adequate for your needs.

HomeProtect Home Business Home Insurance Benefits

Will all of your equipment be covered by the policy? What about any stock held at home? And what about Public Liability cover for those visiting you at your home for business reasons?

HomeProtect can ensure that all of these risks are covered comprehensively when you get a Home Business Home Insurance quote* with them.

Home Insurance for Historic Buildings

Insuring a historic building can come with very different challenges to those faced when insuring a standard style property. Here are just a few reasons why this might be the case:

  • Rebuild costs can be difficult to estimate
  • Building regulations may affect your security options
  • The property may contain expensive art, antiques or other items
  • You may need Public Liability for domestic staff   

As we can see, expert help may be needed to arrange adequate insurance. HomeProtect say they are able to help in the following areas:

HomeProtect Specialist Historic Building Insurance benefits

If you’re worried that your current home insurance may not be adequate for your period property then why not get a Historic Building Home Insurance quote* from HomeProtect.

HomeProtect Reviews

Now that you know a little more about who HomeProtect are and what they have to offer, you might be interested to know how they have been rated by their customers.

In this area it’s good to see that HomeProtect have a rating of 7.9 out of 10 on the popular review site TrustPilot. This score is also based a large selection of almost 5000 reviews, which shows that there are a lot of people insuring with HomeProtect.

Here are a couple of the most recent verified reviews on the site:

HomeProtect Reviews from Trustpilot


If you’re in need of specialist home insurance then it’s definitely worth taking a few minutes to get a quote from HomeProtect*. The company has received some great online reviews from verified customers and their policies have been specifically designed to fit the needs of those with complex insurance requirements.

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