Furniture Store Sales are Fake? Surely not!


Hey everyone. Hope you’re having a fun or relaxing Saturday, whichever you prefer. I’m more in need of the relaxation this weekend as the kids have managed to drive Mrs.B and I a little crazy this week with their seemingly endless amounts of energy and quite deafening foghorn voices. I honestly don’t know how such small children can create so much noise, though on the rare occasion that I’m foolish enough to upset Mrs.B, I quickly see where they inherited the voice from! 🙂

There’s been a bit of an uprising by the office of fair trading this week about the permanent ‘up to 70% off’ sales that exist in almost all of the major furniture retailers across the country. I do find it a little odd that it takes a professional regulating body an absolute age to recognise and act on a problem that most of us know has existed for at least the past decade but better late than never hey.

They’re investigating whether sofa companies and also carpet companies are deliberately inflating the price of their products in order to then ‘slash’ the price of a new sofa by hundreds of pounds to entice us into the store, drawing us into a purchase because we believe that we are ‘saving’ a fortune. Like I say, it is good that the regulators have finally decided to take action on the issue but do any of us really believe that these sales are actually genuine anyway? Especially when the ‘SALE NOW ON’ banners are permanently on display outside of stores gathering dirt and the ‘Limited Time Only’ adverts are on the television almost every day, of every week, of every year?

It has restored my faith that one day we might see some action over the shrinking size of the Big Mac and Mars Bars though.

Are there any other pressing issues you’d like them to investigate whilst they’re on a role? Sorry for the Saturday sarcasm 🙂

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14 Responses to Furniture Store Sales are Fake? Surely not!

  1. Scott says:

    Those who have studied marketing know that inflated prices and subsequent “slashing” is fairly standard. It’s a good marketing tactic. Just look at the research on JC Penney and how they had permanent low prices and no sales. Their profits plummeted because people didn’t feel like they were getting a good deal. It’s all about getting a $4000 sofa for $1000. No. You got a $1000 sofa for $1000. Personally I don’t mind it, I still shop around.

    • I agree Scott and I don’t really mind either to be honest. I just found it funny that it’s taken the regulators so long to look into it and that the story was being put across like it was something that we didn’t already know. They interviewed a few people on the radio about it and they were pretty much all in agreement that if the big red sale sign wasn’t there, they’d probably drive past the store.

  2. Haha that’s so funny you mention that because there are so many places in Vancouver that have permanent 70% off banners outside their windows (mainly just persian rug stores). If a sale is permanent it’s not really a sale in my mind.

  3. Thanks for the mention and support Adam!


  4. What’s this? The government is wasting your hard-earned tax dollars to investigate the very likely possibility that they are not the only ones ripping you off? The nerve! 🙂

  5. It certainly seems like furniture stores deliberately start with high prices with the plan all along to slash them. It reminds me of the retail industry (though to a bigger extent) since it seems like a lot of items are priced high and sold via discounts.

    • Yeah we all know it happens but I assume it is against trading laws, it just amazes me how long it’s taken them to look into it. They mustn’t have much else to be doing right now.

  6. I totally agree that furniture store sales are fake! So are sales at Kohl’s! Everything in that place is 50-60% off all the time. I can’t take their sales seriously anymore.

  7. Moneywise says:

    Lot of fuss from the OFT about this but its been going on for years. Why has it taken them so long to discover it?

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