Washing Machine 10 Year Guarantee - Is it worth it?

Hotpoint/Indesit 10 Year Washing Machine Guarantee – Is it Worth It?


It’s well known that washing machines are not built like they used to be. In the past, you could easily expect to get 10 years out of a washing machine, but these days you seem to be lucky if you get 2 or 3 out of them! 

This might lead you to look at washing machine manufacturers who offer long guarantees such as Indesit or Hotpoint. Both of these companies (they’re actually the same company) offer a 1-year parts and labour guarantee with a 10-year parts guarantee that runs alongside it.

On the surface of things, this might sound like a great deal. But is it really all it’s cracked up to be? Let’s consider a few points.

Who Does the Repairs?

Having a 12-month parts and labour guarantee on a washing machine is pretty much a given. This is obviously something you want to have if you’re going to buy a washing machine in the first place. But what about the 10-year parts only guarantee? Should this be enough to sway you towards a certain washing machine brand?

With the Hotpoint and Indesit washing machines*, the first thing you will want to know is that the warranty is only valid if you use their own repairman to fix your washing machine when it breaks. This is not a cheap repair! In fact, the cost of getting one of their own repairmen to fix your washing machine is £120 per repair. This is regardless of whether it is a big or a small problem.

How Much Are You Spending on a Machine?

At this point you may also want to consider how much you’re paying for the machine. For instance, if you’re only paying £250 for a washing machine and they’re going to charge you £120 to fix it each time it breaks, then you have to consider whether it might be worth buying a new machine instead. This could be especially true if you’ve already had it for a few years and other things are likely to start going wrong with it.

What if you’ve had a machine for 3 years, for example, and the brushes go? Imagine you have the Indesit repairman come out to repair your machine and they charge you £120, only for the drum to fail a week or two later. You may as well have bought a new machine with a fresh 12 month parts and labour guarantee and had done with it. But now you feel like you’ve spent so much on repairing your machine that you might as well keep it, even though other things may be likely to go wrong with it in the coming years – or even months.

How Much Should You Spend on a Machine?

Another question you might want to ask yourself is whether or not it’s worth spending a lot on a washing machine anymore anyway?

We recently bought a new machine after ours failed after just two years. I decided to do a little research on the subject of how much to spend on a new machine. The results and opinions I found were interesting. 

On many popular forums most people said that it just wasn’t worth spending more than £300 on a washing machine anymore, unless it was to buy one from a brand like Miele*

Some of the people who commented even had husbands who were washing machine repairman, and they won’t even spend more than £300 on white goods as they’re just not built to last anymore. This can be true even of the better known reputable brands these days.

As we mentioned earlier, the one exception to this could be Miele, as they have an excellent reputation for the machines lasting a very long time. These are expensive machines, though. If you are looking at brands in the £300 to £500 range, then they could just as easily break within two to three years judging by the research I did.

Is the 10 Year Guarantee Worth It?

So, is the 10-year guarantee from a company like Hotpoint or Indesit worth it when buying a washing machine or dryer? Should this sway your decision as to whether you should choose these brands over others?

Personally, I feel that at a cost of £120 per repair to use Hotpoint’s own registered repairers, it doesn’t really work out to be very cost-effective. This is even more true if you’re only buying quite a cheap machine in the first place, say anything from £200 to £300.

Does this mean that I wouldn’t buy Indesit or Hotpoint washing machines*, though? Not necessarily. I still think that some of their machines offer great value for money if you only plan on using them for 2 or 3 years (perhaps longer if you don’t use them for a family of four like we do). 

What I’m saying is that I wouldn’t be basing my decision purely on the 10-year guarantee. Rather, I think it would be best to read thoroughly the reviews of several machines from several brands and pick the one that has the features you need for the right price. 

I personally don’t think it’s worth paying too much for a machine unless you go for a Miele washing machine*, as all other brands seem prone to breaking after just a few years. However, that’s not to say you won’t get lucky and find one from another brand that lasts for a good 5 years at least.

2 Responses to Hotpoint/Indesit 10 Year Washing Machine Guarantee – Is it Worth It?

  1. M potamitis says:

    Hotpoint’s 10 year parts warranty borders on misrepresentation because when you phone up hotpoint with a fault, the first thing they do is offer you extended warranty with domestic & general and that is better value compared to their inflated labour charges.
    So then there is no benefit to having the 10 year warranty. So is it ok to advertise the 10 year warranty

    • C Ped says:

      The parts only guarantee is a con. As the poster says above when you phone up with a fault they try to sell you an expensive Domestic & General policy. If you decline, as I did with a Fridge-Freezer, and get their engineer out to fix he looks at it for 5 seconds and says “What has broken is not a part, so is not covered by the guarantee.” Ring the call centre and they are all versed in “what has broken is not a part” line.

      The parts guarantee is worthless.

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