How Can You Save Money When Selling Your House Online?

How Can You Save Money When Selling Your House Online?


Selling your property has never been easier thanks to the internet. Not only does listing your property online guarantee that you’ll reach a huge number of potential buyers, but it also helps to save you money. In fact, more homeowners than ever before are choosing to sell their property online purely for its cost-saving benefits. So how does it save you money and is it worth choosing an online estate agent over a high-street agency?

Why selling online is cheaper

One of the biggest shocks homeowners have when it comes time to sell is the huge number of fees involved. Visit your high-street estate agent and you’ll soon discover thousands of pounds will be deducted off the sale price in fees alone. It’s become so expensive to sell via traditional methods that many homeowners have actually put off the decision to sell, or they’ve chosen to go it alone.

On average, high-street estate agents charge a 1-2% fee of the amount the property sells for. Initially this looks like a fair deal, but if your home sells for a lot of money, the estate agent is going to deduct a rather large sum! However, with an online estate agents, they typically charge a fixed fee. This tends to be much lower than traditional estate agent fees and can save you thousands of pounds.

Online estate agents such as housesimple*, also have a number of packages to choose from, giving you complete flexibility over your budget. You can choose to do some things yourself such as viewings, saving you a great deal of money.

Of course, you could save even more money by going it alone. It’s easy to list your property online and instantly start attracting buyers. However, while placing the property online might be simple, taking care of the entire selling process by yourself is not. It can be risky and it takes a lot of hard work to continually market the property. Using an online estate agent takes a lot of stress and risk out of the process.

Other benefits of selling online

Besides the great money saving benefits, you’ll also attract a lot more buyers online. Most people turn to the internet to look for a property these days, with sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla making it easy to find a property. There’s also the added convenience of selling online. You don’t need to leave the home to get your property listed – it can be done in just a few simple steps.

Overall, selling a house online is quick, simple and more affordable than going through a traditional estate agent. So, if you haven’t yet considered using an online estate agent, now is definitely the time to do so.

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  1. I will have to give Hatched a look. We will likely be selling our home soon, and I hate forking over all that cash to Realtors in this day and age. Nearly everything is just a couple of button clicks for them – it is crazy their compensation level for the amount of work they don’t put in…

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