How Could Learning a New Language Help Your Career?


If you have ever been tempted to learn a new language then perhaps you were most interested in getting a new hobby or in making your holidays easier and better.

However, is it maybe time to consider whether a new language could also be a big help to your career? The following are some of the best reasons why becoming bilingual could provide you with a big boost in your career.

Open Up New Job Possibilities

What kind of job do you think you could do if you were able to speak a foreign language? One type of role that springs to mind right away is that of translating documents. This is an incredibly difficult thing to do, even once you get to a good level in your second language. However, it is an interesting career and you will find freelance jobs on the internet if you want to start off working at home in a relaxed sort of way. The pay is decent and you can learn a lot of new things while you translate on different subjects too. Alternatively, you might find that you can work in a service, admin or sales role where you speak to foreign customers, suppliers or colleagues. Using a second language at work is pretty exciting to do and can take your career off in a direction you would never have thought of before. You might even find that there are new possibilities with your current employer that you would never have had a chance with before.

Try Moving Abroad

One of the biggest benefits to being able to speak a second language* is that you can look for work abroad a lot more easily. This happened to me a few years ago when for personal reasons I wanted to move my family to Spain. My Spanish wasn’t all that great at that time but I could just about get by. I managed to get a job speaking to British ex pats in a Spanish bank. I still needed to speak to my colleagues and understand the bank’s products, so without some sort of knowledge of Spanish I could never have done the job. There are interesting job opportunities all over the planet and being able to speak a different language will open some up for you. Even if you end up doing something similar to what you did back at home, you will enjoy working in a different place and learning about the culture. A spell working in a different country can really boost your career and give you some terrific memories as well. Job markets, opportunities and salaries in different countries vary greatly as well, so you might earn more for doing the same thing you did back home.

Show How Good You Are Learning

Even if you never get to use your language skills at work the fact that you learned them in the first place will help you impress potential employers. Companies like to see applicants with a range of skills when they are recruiting. If you are hoping to make an impression with your CV then noting on it your ability to speak a second language could do the job. As well as showing how you are capable of learning new skills, this could also work as an ice breaker during interviews, especially if you are interviewed by someone who speaks your second language or is just interested in it. Even without this issue, it has to be said that if you are capable of learning a new language an interviewer is going to consider you are also capable of learning a range of new skills.

Do you think that speaking a second language could help your career?

2 Responses to How Could Learning a New Language Help Your Career?

  1. I do think it can open new opportunities in your career. I am fluent in Spanish because it was the first language I learned at home. Later I went to school and learned how to read and write it. So far, I have not used it professionally but I definitely have it listed on my resume.

  2. So far my German hasn’t gotten me too far, but there isn’t a ton of demand here in the states and I’m not sure I’d want to live there long-term. But I know the opportunity is there!

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