How Life’s Little Luxuries Can Add Up


While I’m all for being frugal in life, I do still like to enjoy a few little luxuries. I’m talking about going for a meal out with the family, having a takeaway night at home with friends and I have to admit that I probably still pick up too many coffees on the go. This is why I find it useful to remind myself from time to time just how much these little luxuries can add up when they start to become more like daily or weekly occurrences. So, let’s just take a moment to ponder over how much we could spend in a month on life’s little luxuries if we’re not careful.

Eating out

Eating out is something I seem to do less of these days, now that the kids seem to suck up so much of our spare cash! Still, we do go out for a meal now and then and when we do the cost can usually range anywhere from £30 to £60 depending on where we go. I should say here that we don’t live in a city, so I can imagine this might sound quite cheap to some. So, let’s say that if we were to do this more often, say once a week, we could easily be spending £120 – £240 a month on eating out. That’s quite a substantial spend on food which we could make at home for a fraction of the cost!

One Meal Out a Week – Let’s say £180 a month


Many people try to save money on eating out by ordering in a takeaway instead. Recently, though, I’ve really noticed that the cost of our takeaway bill has been going up. In the past when my wife and I ordered a curry, we could pretty much guarantee that we’d have change out of £15. Nowadays, though, we sometimes have to hand over a £20 with nothing coming back in the other direction. I came across a news article today which showed that I may not be imagining this and that the whole takeaway industry might even be under threat due to rising costs. So, if you’re having a takeaway once a week, then that’s £80 a month you’re spending and I think that this will probably be a conservative estimate as I know the takeaway places where I live aren’t expensive and I would guess that there are a lot of people out there who would order in 2 or even three times a week. If this sounds familiar then maybe now is the time to rethink how often you’re ordering in and start relying more on your own culinary skills, as it could be very beneficial to your wallet and bank balance. Or, maybe you can think about looking for a cheaper alternative such as buying in a curry that you can just cook in the oven. I know Lidl do some good ones and they’re really cheap too.

One Takeaway a week – Let’s say £80 a month


There was once a time when I used to spend a lot of money each week on takeaway coffees. I’d often pick one up on my way to work each day and at around £2 a day that really started to add up. In the end, I decided to buy a Nespresso machine as I still wanted to enjoy a nice proper coffee without having to deal with the hassle of filtering it myself. This saved me a fortune as I then spent around 30p a day instead. I know some people will say that this is still a bit of a luxury but it’s one that I’m willing to live with for now, especially as it has cut my coffee bill down considerably. Maybe this could work for you too, or perhaps you’ll be happy to just stick with the instant coffee instead going forward when you realise how much you could save.

One Takeout Coffee a day – Let’s say £60 a month

Keep an eye on how these costs add up!

Here we’ve looked at just 3 of life’s little luxuries and we can really see how much they can add up. If we were to eat out once a week, get a takeaway once a week and then buy a coffee each day, then the monthly cost could come in at around £320 a month. If we could manage even just to cut that bill in half then we could have around £160 extra on a monthly basis to put into savings, pay down debt or you might have something else in mind where this money could come in useful.

So, while we all like to enjoy a little treat now and then, let’s make sure that we aren’t missing out on achieving other more important financial goals simply because we’re allowing our treats to become more of a normality.

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  1. Esthy says:

    One of my simple indulgences is going to the cinema. I use to spend a lot going to the cinema each week which costs me about £120-150 each month. I have cut this expense down significantly when I realised how much it was costing me each month.

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