How Much Can You Earn as an Airbnb Host?


With the cost of living on the rise, many people are now trying to make a second income. To do this, some are turning to the sharing economy and specifically websites like Airbnb. But how much can you make by becoming an Airbnb host?

While some hosts with Airbnb* earn tens of thousands of pounds a month, others earn just a few hundred. So, how much will you earn on Airbnb? Here a few factors that will influence the answer to this question.

To get a quick answer, try out the Airbnb earnings calculator*.

Where Do You Live?

The first thing to consider is where you live or where the property you will be listing is located.

Holiday homes on standard travel sites fetch more in tourist hotspots than they do in less attractive locations. This will be the case with Airbnb too. So, if you live in a holiday spot or near some busy tourist attractions, then your potential earnings will likely be higher.

If the property you are listing is in a particularly nice spot too then this will also increase revenue. So if you live not just in a tourist spot but right across the road from the beach, for example, then you will likely earn more.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. A lack of accomodation available for visitors in your area could possibly even work in your favour, especially if you’re not under pressure to rent your listing out all year round.

What Are You Listing?

Then you need to consider what it is you are listing. Are you offering just one room for rent or do you have an entire house on offer?

Is the accommodation luxury or standard? Does it have unique features such as a lovely view, access to wifi or other little extras? The prices you can charge will obviously be influenced by these factors.

It’s also worth remembering that Airbnb has a 90 day annual limit* when renting out entire homes. There are no such limits in place for room only listings, though.

What Is Your Ambition?

One more thing that will affect how much you can earn on Airbnb will be your own ambition. Are you looking for a small side income or are you looking to build a full-time income using Airbnb?

Many hosts on Airbnb have multiple listings and some even employ people to help manage their units. The scope for earning on Airbnb could potentially be huge. A lot will depend on your own ambition and also your business acumen.

Try the Airbnb Host Calculator!

So if you think that hosting a property – or even a portfolio of properties – on Airbnb could be a money spinner for you then why not give it a go? Don’t forget that Airbnb have made their own hosting calculator* to help you get an idea of the potential earnings on offer. Why not have a play around with it to see how much you could earn, you might get a pleasant surprise.   

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