How much time would you spend trying to find a bargain?


Now don’t get me wrong, I really LOVE to grab a bargain. There’s nothing better than the feeling of knowing you’ve paid less for something than you really should have! But are there occasions when searching for a bargain just doesn’t seem to be worth the hassle? Are there times when you feel as though you’re just banging your head against a brick wall?

I’ve felt this way recently when trying to search for a cheap deal on light bulbs – yes, you heard me right, good old fashioned boring light bulbs!

I’ve noticed recently that my energy bill is far higher than I think it should be. At first, I just put it down to the fact that I now work completely from home and also have a few more gadgets these days which all need charging, upping my energy spend. As I’ve thought about it more though, I’ve realised that there is one thing in my house that is probably playing a much bigger part in the increase of my bill, SPOTLIGHTS! My house is full of blinking spotlights. They’re just everywhere. Four in the kitchen, eight in the living room (though I only tend to run 6 as it’s just too bright otherwise), three in the reception room and around seventeen more of the things upstairs. That’s a lot of light bulbs! So I’ve decided to look into energy saving bulbs, both standard ones and the much championed LED Light Bulbs.

So, I started my usual hunt for a bargain. After years of bargain hunting – and learning the meaning of the words ‘false economy’ – I’m actually finding it to be a bit of an ordeal. These days I seem to pay much more attention to product reviews than I used to and although this is great, it does also make things more difficult because every time I seem to come across a product that looks to be ‘a great deal’, I then read the reviews and quickly find out that many people have had a bad experience with the product on offer. Judging whether these reviews are genuine or not can also be a bit tricky, as they might well be the view of a competitor to the merchant. After looking online I paid a visit to B&Q* today to see what they had in stock and this confused me even more. Their light bulbs weren’t the most expensive I’ve seen but they were certainly dearer than the ones I’d seen online, the ones with the mixed reviews. But of course, there aren’t too many reviews available for the bulbs at the DIY store because Amazon* shoppers seem to be a lot more helpful in this area, taking the time to leave an in-depth review to help other online shoppers out.

I can honestly say that I’m usually pretty good at finding a bargain and I tend to know one when I see one, but this whole light bulb issue has got me fairly stumped. Will they last as long as they say they will? Will the lighting tone of the bulbs be to our taste? Warm white or cool white? After ordering a test ‘cool white’ bulb and seeing the kitchen light up like an office block, I’ve quickly decided on ‘warm white’! Will they flicker or buzz as some reviewers have complained about? While yet others say they have had no issues with the same product. No single purchase that I can recall has ever stumped me in quite this way. The switch to cheaper light bulbs really is something I should have sorted out a long time ago but as I knew we were planning to move house I always put off making the investment. Now we’re settled though, it is a high priority.

I almost can’t believe I’m writing a full post about boring old light bulbs, but with the potential for savings and with the amount of bulbs on offer I just thought, surely others have gone through this same turmoil?

I love searching for a bargain but with certain things I do wonder whether I should just pay a bit extra and buy something which has a reputable brand name attached, perhaps from a chain store that will be quite happy to take returns, so that if they should not live up to the promises of the packaging they can be easily refunded without too much hassle.

Have you ever come across a product where hunting for a bargain just didn’t seem to be worth the hassle – or potential hassle – should things go wrong?

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  1. Yes, you just did write a full post about the old light bulbs. 🙂 When I planned to buy an AC a few months ago, I totally searched for a bargain one and sadly, I bought a defective unit. So, I asked the supplier to change it, but to my disappoint, that was the last stock that they had. I need to pay an additional money because the new unit was expensive compared to the first unit.

  2. I’ve made the mistake of searching for hours to try to save money. In the end I realized it was costing me more (my time) than I was saving. Now I will do a quick online search before buying anything and can usually find a coupon.

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