How Small Businesses Can Successfully Move Their Business Online


In today’s world, if you’re not online you simply don’t exist. And it is clear that no business can afford that. Therefore, in practically every industry it is crucial to have an online presence. Some businesses simply need to exist online, create an online shop window so to speak. Others have the potential to make huge sales online. Either way, there are some common and important steps that need to be taken to make the smooth transition to the online world.

The first is to purchase a domain name. The technical side of this can be done quickly, simply and cheaply through a variety of websites. However, selecting the right name for your site requires some real thought. Don’t try to be too clever or make it complicated. It should be easy to remember, not too long and state very simply what your business actually does. If you sell books for example, users must understand from your domain name that this is in fact what you do. It is also prudent to select a domain name. It is simply the assumed formula for most people, so no need to confuse them by selecting something more exotic.

The next decision is to choose a web host. That is to say, you need a company (and there are plenty out there) which will enable your site to actually go live by storing every page on enormous servers. Your web host will make sure that your site is active and accessible 24/7. If you are receiving very high traffic, then you should make this decision carefully as some hosts specialise in this. In addition, although platforms such as WordPress might be free, there are often restrictions on what you can actually do with your site.

If you are looking to make online sales, then you must make sure that your web design incorporates a simple to use and safe sales platform. A significant number of sales can be lost because users become frustrated with actually making the purchase. Make the sales platform straightforward and preferably include a step by step guide to the process. Just as important is to purchase and keep on renewing an SSL Certificate. This will enable your site to make sales safely and securely. Without it you won’t be maximising the number of sales that you could make.

Once you have a registered, safe and live site, you will want to make it as useable as possible. There are several key aspects to this. Make sure that it is easy to navigate with a clear site map. Contact information should be simple to access or else you risk losing potential customers who can’t find you. And of course whatever content you upload, whether its product images, information or news, make it engaging and clear.

If you think that you’ve developed a website to be proud of, then you will want to spread the word. For this, you need an SEO strategy so that potential customers are likely to discover you online. A simple initial step to achieving this is to submit your business to online search listings such as Google, Bing and any other industry-specific services.

For more information on wildcard SSL, web hosting, or any of the other topics discussed in this article, be sure to run a thorough search online and speak to experts in the Internet Marketing and Website Development.  Get your business online and gain more customers today!

6 Responses to How Small Businesses Can Successfully Move Their Business Online

  1. Sherrie W. says:

    Building an online presence is so important these days, I can’t believe some small businesses have yet to take the proper steps! I didn’t know about the SSL certificates, though. Very helpful – thank you.

  2. Thanks for the post! As a new blogger, I can attest that at finding a domain name, host, and platform were not that hard, just took quite a while to figure out since I have never done it before. I am really trying to figure out SEO at this point!

  3. Thanks for the great tips. And also try to get listed in local listings like Yelp, Yellow Directory, etc. in that way it can help your business and to attract more customers.

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