How the Mobile Revolution is Changing the Shopping Experience for Everyone


It is clear that these days there is a revolution going on in the way we shop. Anyone who has a smartphone or a tablet knows how easy it is to shop from wherever they are.

This is an incredibly comfortable way of doing your shopping but have you ever stopped to wonder about the other side of the transactions you carry out? That is, what shops and banks and other card providers have to do in order to keep pace with the latest developments and keep their customers happy.

It is easy to forget that just a few years ago the business of buying stuff with a card was a lot simpler for credit card companies than it is now. So what have they been doing to keep up with advancing mobile technology?

More Mobile Apps

We all love a good app, don’t we? These can give us a lot of useful information and can also be good fun to use. The best credit card companies have realised this and have brought out mobile apps that enhance their relationship with their customers. These can do a variety of things such as let you check your balance on the move, receive special offers direct to your device and spend any reward points you have collected. This is a hugely important point, as more and more people now look to control all aspects of their finances from their phone or tablet. After all, we are now so used to being able to download apps from the companies that we do business with that it would seem a bit strange to not be able to do this for our credit cards.

Better Fraud Detection

The widespread use of credit cards on the internet has meant that fraud has become one of the hot issues for card issuers. However, the use of mobile devices has now made this even more of an issue. The verification process is now even more important than before and needs to give card users a high level of confidence that the transaction they are carrying out is safe and secure.

Case Study – American Express

One of the credit card companies you are sure to have heard of is American Express. In fact, this is such a well-established firm that you could be forgiven for thinking that there is a possibility that they might have a more old-fashioned way of working. However, a quick look at their offerings shows an advanced mobile experience that covers Android, Apple and BlackBerry devices. By using their mobile services you can easily control your receipts by uploading them on the go and then organising them. It is also possible to carry out reward points transactions and get business updates and advice to your device. Add in all of the other things you would expect to be able to do and it is clear that your phone or tablet can play a big part in helping you control your credit card.

What the Future Could Bring

The future looks exciting for mobile shoppers, with a range of new technology being talked about. For example, Near Field Communication, Google Wallet and Square are all things we can expect to hear a lot more about in the not too distant future. There is also the suggestion that chips could be added to devices such as phones, to turn them into a type of credit card. However, it is entirely possible that the future of mobile shopping could take an unexpected turn which takes us all by surprise. Clearly, the uncertainty about which new technology will take off means that credit card providers need to be open to a number of possibilities and be ready to react to new technology quickly and efficiently.

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  1. I think mobiles have great contributions in shopping for everyone but it has disadvantage with it also. Through mobile, shopping is done through online so it is more easy and applicable. Yet, it is still different if you have seen the item in personal before buying it because regrets do come at the end. “To see is to believe”.

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