How to Find your First Ever Job


If it has been a while since you got your first ever job it might be hard for you to remember how you felt when you were job hunting. This is a nerve-racking time and anyone who is trying to get into the job market might like to follow these pieces of advice.

Try Not to Worry Too Much About the Money

It is easy for me to sit here and tell you not to worry about the money but could you go for a job knowing that it doesn’t pay very much? Well, if there is any time in your life that you can afford to be relatively laid-back about your income it is now. If you live with your parents and don’t have a lot of expenses then you could concentrate more on getting the type of job that increases your future prospects. This could mean accepting a relatively meagre initial salary in order to get a chance to grow in a good company. You will undoubtedly earn more over time and as long as you don’t settle for a poor wage in the long term it won’t do you any harm to start off like this. On the other hand, what you don’t want to do is focus solely on the money. This might give you an excellent salary now but it could lead you into problems later on if the job doesn’t let you grow in the way you would want to.

Look for the Chance to Learn New Skills

As we have just seen, money isn’t the only thing to look for in your first job. You should be more concerned about finding something that lets you learn new skills. These will be vital to your career and earning power in the future, so the more of them that you learn early on the better. If you are considering a job that is in a big company like Costa Coffee which offers internal training courses and the chance to work in different roles then you can gain a lot of new skills quickly in this way. What you want to avoid is getting stuck in a job where you don’t progress and feel that your future prospects get increasingly narrower. You will want a job that opens up as many opportunities in the future as possible.

Show Enthusiasm

When most people going for a certain job are new to the marketplace it can be hard for employers to judge them. After all, there is no work history to go on and no previous employer references to back up their skills. In this case, they might have to judge the applicants largely on other factors, such as their enthusiasm and willingness to learn. You should be sure to let your enthusiasm shine through when you make your application and also at the interview. If you aren’t as enthusiastic as you would like to be then you are probably looking at the wrong job. Change your focus and search for one that gets you more excited.

Learn As Much As You Can Before the Interview

As this is your first job you are probably not very experienced with job interviews. This means that it makes a lot of sense to prepare yourself as well as possible. One way of doing this is to ask someone to help you out with a mock interview. Another good idea is to find out everything you can about the company. Being able to understand their culture and ask a relevant question or two could make all the difference. Doing this will also help you feel more relaxed and confident when you get there as well.

What tips would you give to someone who is trying to find their first ever job?

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