How to Get 15 Pound Off Fifa 20

How to Get 15 Pound Off Fifa 20!


For most football and gaming fans out there, one of the biggest dates of the year is the release date of the latest FIFA game. 

At the moment, we’re eagerly anticipating the release of FIFA 20. For a lot of people, though, the price of the game can be a bit of a stress. This is especially true if you have children and a million other things to pay for.

Well, with the above in mind, I wanted to share with you a way that you can get FIFA 20 for the PS4 or Xbox One for just £34.99. This could save you a huge £15 off the £50 asking price!

You might notice that we’re pretty up front when we use affiliate links on this blog (when we receive a commision for recommending a deal or product) as we always add an asterix to them. On this occasion, however, we won’t get a penny. I’m simply sharing the deal because I know how much pressure parents can be under to get the latest FIFA game and I wanted to help you to get it for the cheapest price!

If you think the deal is good, then feel free to share it with your friends so they can benefit too. 

15 Pound Off Fifa 20

So, how does it work?

The deal is quite simple and I know that it works, as I used it last year to purchase FIFA 19 for my own boys. 

Before we begin, it’s important to say that you should not sign up to (or purchase from) any other websites before you read the whole of this post. This is because to benefit from this deal, you will need to sign up to Quidco via a website which offers an affiliate link for this deal.

Now that we’ve mentioned this, I can tell you that the Cashback site Quidco has teamed up with a few big websites and online newspapers to offer new customers a chance to receive £15 in cashback when they buy FIFA 20 from the online retailer 

To benefit from the deal, you will need to search the term ‘15 pound off fifa 20’ on Google and find a website offering this deal. 

When you’ve found a site offering the deal, click through to Quidco via one of the links on your chosen site. A few of the sites currently offering the deal are The Mirror, The Sun, SportBible, HotUKDeals and (I think) Mashable. These are the sites that showed up at the top of the list when I searched the deal on Google.

Cashback, Not Discount 

It’s important to mention here that this isn’t a money off voucher for FIFA 20, it is a cashback deal. This means that once your purchase has been confirmed by Quidco, your account will then be credited with a £15 Cashback bonus on top of the Cashback you will receive from 

As I said earlier, I used this deal last year to buy Fifa 19 via Quidco and it was legit and worked a treat. My cashback was confirmed within days and was payable in a very short time. I hope that you find the deal useful and that it saves you a bit of money on the new FIFA 20 game!

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