How to Get Ahead with your Career in Asset Finance and Leasing


The present financial climate sees a huge amount of redundancy when it comes to the leasing sector. This is causing employers to reduce their recruitment budgets, which means that graduates will be facing double the amount of competition they normally would. That being said, asset finance offers a great chance to grow and earn an attractive pay package for graduates. Job seekers can follow a few of these instructions to secure a good employment opportunity.

Attempting to secure a good position in an esteemed institution during the current fiscal climate comes down to making some smart choices.

1.    Select a Popular Recruitment Company

Shortlist a popular recruitment company and stick with them for they will constantly keep you abreast of industry trends. Receiving perceptive professional advice is a tough task and you must only trust the best agencies to offer you the right job opportunities. Whatever interview opportunities you receive, remember to put your best foot forward by presenting a quality CV. Prep up well for interviews so you utilise the one chance you have to sell yourself as an excellent candidate for the firm.

2.    Understand your Duties and Responsibilities

A career in asset leasing and finance is riddled intricately with accounting and tax so professionals can assist clients with efficient and accurately planned financing solutions. Having an innate understanding of what the job profile expects from you is crucial. Your duties will require you to facilitate clients of the firm in financing a large part of the purchase price of assets. Your task will be to help them minimise deposit or capital expended and set up periodic payment rentals unlike a hire-purchase agreement.

Maintaining ease with cash flow requires you to be adept in every aspect of finance along with being aware of current and future market trends. You will need to optimise and effectively manage the VAT payable on the rentals for clients as well.

3.    Securing a Good Post

Employers will be few, so remember to be flexible and open about job offers. Be willing to compromise on salary expectations, yet put in your 100% once you are hired, for it is the only way to career progression. Go the extra mile at every level and surpass the employer’s expectations. Make the most of every opportunity that arises where your qualifications match the employment requirement.

4.    The Key to Career Progression

Reinforcing credentials with courses from reputed institutions in the asset finance and leasing sector will no longer suffice. You must keep an eye on recent market developments and stay abreast of the news in the leasing industry. Heighten your asset and leasing prowess by studying special publications like Leasing World and Leasing Life. Do not refuse to work for a small or a mid-level leasing company as the same firm might do well in spite of the fiscal year.

Remember that career prospects will improve with time and experience, so do not be afraid to put in the hours once you secure a decent position. Stay optimistic and keep focused as you may perhaps be surprised with an unexpected opportunity.

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