How to give your Business the Professional Edge


Every small business has to start somewhere and for many of us that is at home in a home office. This ensures that costs and overheads are reduced as the business builds. The problem arises when you need to meet clients or, if the business is growing, hold things such as interviews or training.

To uphold a professional image many people do not wish to hold business meetings in their own home but what are your other options? You could always meet over lunch or a coffee but you may not have access to all the details you require over a coffee. The other issue is confidentiality. If you are discussing a client’s business in depth or discussing finances then you need a meeting in a quiet place where people cannot eavesdrop.

One solution that is gaining in popularity is hiring out a meeting room. Rather than having to pay the overheads of a permanent office space hiring out a meeting room can be done for a couple of hours or a few days. This flexibility makes it an ideal and cost effective solution for smaller businesses.

Another advantage of hiring a meeting room is that it is already fully equipped with items that you might need such as overhead projectors, flip charts and pens and paper. This means all you need to do is turn up and be mentally prepared rather than having to carry lots of items to set up. This automatically reduces stress as you can turn up, have a coffee and prepare for the day. Many meeting rooms have professional reception staff and can organise little extras such as tea and coffee, or if required catering. This ensures clients feel welcomed and comfortable when they arrive and throughout their visit.

Meeting rooms can be hired in a huge variety of locations with some appearing in well-known streets such as Fleet Street or the Royal Exchange in London. Surely addresses like these will impress clients? If the addresses don’t then the interiors of some of these buildings will. One meeting place is in the vaults of a former bank and another has a formula 1 car on the wall in the reception area. These are ideal ice breakers to discuss as you settle down to your actual business.

If your small business needs extra space for meetings and training then consider hiring out a professional meeting room. All the elements included in the meeting room hire join together to create a positive image to any potential client. It shows that you take yourself seriously and mean business and this is what may give you the edge over your competitors.

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