How to Save Money when Moving House


After months of almost unprecedented growth, the British housing market is now entering a potentially difficult and worrying phase. More specifically, the Governor of the Bank of England has suggested that the market has “deep, deep” problems at present, and gone as far as to state that rising property prices actually pose the single biggest threat to growth in the UK economy. A lack of housing was deemed as being central to this issue, as a paucity of demand continues to drive prices skywards.

How to Buy a Home on a Budget

Given the spiralling costs of property in the UK, it may be worth attempting to cut costs and establish a stringent budget before making an offer in the market. Consider the following: –

  1. Carefully Research your Potential Geographical Areas

The region in which a house is located arguably has the single biggest influence on its price, as a five bedroom property in an affluent area will sell for considerably more than those in a poorer post code. This is why the creation of a viable budget remains so important, as it enables you to target suitable areas and price points that enable you to operate within your financial means. If you require a house with a minimum number of bedrooms or other fixed requirements, researching different areas also gives an insight as you what you should expect to pay for any given property and helps you to achieve genuine value for money.

  1. Partner with a Reliable and Competitively Priced Estate Agents

A workman is only ever as good or as efficient as the tools that they use, and the same underlying principle also applies to potential buyers who are looking to invest in real estate. It is therefore crucial that you look to partner with an experienced and competitively priced estate agency prior to making an offer, as they can help you to effectively target properties and execute noticeable savings. Innovative firms offer a range of alternative property types for a fixed, low-cost fee. This not only makes the process of buying a home simpler, but it also provides you with a genuine opportunity to save money.

  1. De-clutter your Existing Home and Look to Start Afresh

On a final note, the process of moving home and relocating can also account for a significant financial cost. You should therefore strive to keep this to a minimum, initially by de-cluttering your existing living space and making allowances for any potential loss of room. In terms of logistics, this process will leave you with fewer material possessions to ship and subsequently reduce the cost of vehicle hire. It will also help you to negate any need for storage, as you should be able to retain all of your possessions in an orderly and neat fashion within the home.

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  1. I really HATE moving. So decluttering before hand so that I have to move as little as possible is my favorite strategy.

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