Improve the house that has everything with these great tips


Ahhh, you’ve got it all – the great house, the fancy car, the big screen telly that could give an IMAX a run for its money and a garden that makes your local national park look miniscule by comparison.

But there’s something missing, and you can’t quite put your finger on it. Indeed, even the suburban dream home could always do with a little bit extra.

So, what measures can you take to make your dream home a place of near perfection?

Lounge in luxury in a conservatory

The one addition that can really add some pizzazz, whatever pizzazz means, to your home is a conservatory.

A veritable suntrap that will let you lounge like a lizard in those summer months, conservatories can also, if you find a high-quality provider, blend into the style of your house like a conservatory-shaped chameleon.

The only real tip when making such an extension to your property is to bear planning regulations in mind. While most councils won’t interfere with the building of a conservatory, it’s better to make sure with your local planning office lest you fall foul of county-specific regulations.

Get a green touch

Eco-friendly is the buzzword of every company nowadays, but going green isn’t just a concept full of hot air. In fact, you probably want to avoid hot air, what with global warming. At least, that’s probably how the environment works…

Anyway, if you’ve got a spare thousand quid or two in your bank account, you could optimise your energy supplies by investing in solar panels to power your home. Attached to your roof, a couple of solar panels could power your home effectively.

Naturally, you’ll still need another power supplier as backup – after all, dear old Blighty isn’t exactly known for its sunny weather. But, when your solar panels are in full swing, they will cut down on your energy bills and make your home the greenest on your street.

Give that spare room a lease of life

Chances are, you’ve got a spare room full of junk, dust and old bits of non-specific “stuff” pointlessly taking up space. It’s like entering a teenage boy’s bedroom – all weird smells and manky things, who knows what they are, that look like they’ve never felt the subtle whisper of a duster.

Really, what’s the point of a spare room if it’s, you know, spare? It’s just space going unused.

What you should be doing is turning it into somewhere useful. You could convert it into a place to indulge your favourite hobbies, like painting, writing, train sets, competitive dog grooming or whatever it is you’re into.

Failing that – possibly you don’t have hobbies and just prefer staring blankly at walls – you could consider turning that spare space into a guest room, or maybe even find a lodger to live with you, giving you extra cash and company. After all, what else could benefit the house that has everything more than someone else to appreciate it?

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  1. Alex says:

    When first reading the opening paragraph I thought you were being somewhat ironic (since we love the frugal living). But actually these are good tips for those who have more than they need. Turn the junk into an asset, and going green should be compulsory for those who can really afford it.

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