Interesting Ways to Save Money Quickly


Let’s imagine that you need to save money and do it quickly. What’s that? You really do need to save money quickly?

In that case, let’s just go ahead and look at some ways of doing this. Some of these money saving tips will save you a little and some will save you a lot but one thing is for sure, they are all interesting ways to spend less while enjoying life at the same time.

Share a House

Sharing a house with friends or strangers is definitely a big money saver. I did this a few years back and it was a terrific experience all round. First of all, it allowed me to save virtually all of my salary at a time when I really needed to do this. In addition, it introduced me to a lot of new people and I learned a lot. This happened in London when I shared a house with an Italian couple and a guy from Ireland. I then moved to Belfast and over there shared with a Nigerian guy and a girl from Mexico. It was fantastic to be able to become friends with people from other cultures I might never otherwise have met. In the house in Belfast we would have cookery nights where we each took turns to make food from our home countries. They were cheap, fun nights in and taught me about the multiple delights of spicy plantain bananas and real fajitas. If you have, say, 6 months to save a few thousand pounds then this could be a decent option that lets you do just that while enjoying a unique experience at the same time.

Find a Cheaper City or Country to Live In for a While

What if you could work or live anywhere? Well, in this case you could choose somewhere really cheap for a while. Even in the UK, the cost of living varies greatly from one place to another. If you are an internet freelancer or run your own websites then it might make more financial sense to live in the Scottish Highlands than in London. Let’s go a step further and say that you could move abroad in order to save money more quickly. You could live in the likes of Thailand, Argentina, Philippines, Tunisia, Romania or anywhere else where your money will stretch a lot further. Clearly there are some travel and set up costs involved in doing this but if you are going to stay there for at least half a year then the savings should make up for it. As well as this, it is going to be an incredible way of living somewhere different while spending a lot less than you would at home.

Get in the Kitchen

I touched on cooking earlier on and, in fact, it was while I lived with housemates from around the world that I realised how much my lack of cooking skills was costing me. While they could toss some cheap ingredients into a pot or the oven I had to buy ready-made meals. I got some tips off them and before long I could make some decent meals. I then learned how to make my own lemonade and fruit juices, meaning I could spend less on drinks as well. Learning how to look after yourself in the kitchen is great fun and it can also allow you to spend a lot less on what you eat and drink. It is also a healthier way of living as well, so there’s nothing to lose in any aspect.

What other interesting ways of saving money have you come across?

4 Responses to Interesting Ways to Save Money Quickly

  1. Cooking from scratch would definitely save you a lot! Yes, the Philippines is just one of the country that your money will surely have a bigger value. I saw lots of foreigners here in our country that are currently living here because it’s cheaper to live in here.

  2. Sharing a house is a great idea too, you don’t need to pay all the house or room by yourself only, but make sure that you do a good background check before you let someone share your house or before you join someone’s house. You need to prioritize your safety first.

  3. Car pool. Our monthly gasoline budget has gone down considerably since my wife began doing that.

  4. By moving to a cheaper city or country would be definitely a good idea too! Just like in some Asian countries, your money exchange has a high value and you can buy cheaper foods.

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