Is the Internet the Biggest Asset for Companies?


The introduction of the internet to the commercial world has brought about a vast array of changes to the way we all do business now. From marketing and accounting to the search for new employees, there are few aspects of business which have not been touched and changed by the arrival of the web to our lives. Here, we take a closer look at several of the biggest changes that the internet has brought about, and consider the impact they’ve had.


Since the beginning, promotion and marketing have been at the very core of just about every type of business around. In the old days of offline business larger companies had been able to outperform their smaller counterparts by virtue of their bigger advertising budget alone. The internet has changed this for the better, by opening up a realm of possibilities for smaller firms looking to reach out to customers without spending a huge amount on it.

The brilliance of the internet with respect to marketing lies in the freedom it offers. Businesses are now free to market themselves across the web and to carry out research which will help them find their consumer base online in the way which best suits them.

Social media sites have been among the most important for smaller firms, allowing businesses to communicate openly and in a friendly way with their customers, as this BBC article explains.

Remote Working and Accounting

The internet has transformed the office space in a dramatic way as well. As data can now be shared securely online, employees are able to work with key company information from outside the office and at any hour of the day or night. A great example of the boost this has given to businesses is in the creation of online accounting tools.

Accounting software has been helping small businesses for a long time, but it is the growth online which has brought about a genuine revolution in this respect. When businesses now move their accountancy online, they are able to access their accounts from anywhere in the world, as well as being able to view key information which can be shared with the firm’s accountants instantly.


The brilliance of the cloud approach to business is not only in the opportunities it creates for businesses to share information remotely with its employees. There also comes the added benefit of the much higher level of security which it offers in respect of key information.

Locally stored data is vulnerable in a number of different ways. Whether hardware in the office faces physical damage, or the software and data is subject to an attack, data which is not sufficiently backed up can be lost forever due to carelessness or plain old bad luck. However, cloud storage provides businesses with the chance to keep all of their vital data completely safe from harm, while having the ability to access it from any corner of the world in the way which is most convenient for them.

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