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4 alternative ways to invest in UK property on brick background

4 Alternative Ways to Invest in UK Property

There’s no denying that property can be a great long term investment. Investors have made a fortune investing in UK property in the past, and many will make a fortune in the future too. For most, though, the problem with direct property investment is that it can come with a lot of hurdles.

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RateSetter Launch New Innovative Finance ISA

RateSetter are one of the most recognised peer-to-peer lenders in the UK and since 2010 investors have been making money through the site by investing funds which are then lent out to creditworthy borrowers. Up until today, the main way people invested through the site was via the Ratesetter Everyday Account, which we recently wrote a review of on this site.

Investment Vs Cash - Which Is Right ISA for You_

Stocks and Shares ISA Vs Cash ISA – Which Is Right for You?

With the deadline for using up your ISA allowance less than a couple of months away, we thought we’d look at both Stocks and Shares ISAs and Cash ISAs today, to help you try and work out which of these popular ISA types might be the right one for you.

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What to do as an online trader when the stock market drops

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When trading online, you need to take into consideration the fluctuation of the stock market. Although many claim to be able to predict what the stock market will do next, it is almost impossible to know for sure and there are many outside factors that we as humans have no control over. That being said, the stock market can drop at any time and when it happens all online traders need to be alert.

A guide to understanding the balance between risk and reward

Successful investment is crucial to your future financial well being and has significant potential for increasing your wealth. However, investing is inherently risky. Most investors accept that they need to take some risk in order to have the best chance of achieving their longer-term goals. Therefore, when developing your investment strategy, it is important to understand the reason for making each investment, your capacity to withstand losses over both the short and longer term, and the extent to which you are prepared to risk such losses in return for the gains you might make.