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The Rise of Cryptocurrencies Shows No Signs of Abating

Cryptocurrencies have been a subject of hot debate in the investing world for years now, as many investors have been looking on with eager anticipation to see if currencies like Bitcoin will stand the test of time or crash and burn. Since its release in 2009, however, Bitcoin has continued to defy the odds and bounced back time and again despite the various setbacks it has faced.

Buy to let investment property

What to consider when deciding which property to invest in

The money-savvy who want to branch out from stocks and bonds may be thinking about investing in property. A lot of people are attracted to this way of investing as they believe it involves nothing but buying a home, renovating it and quickly selling it on or renting it out for a profit but realistically, there is a lot more to it than just that. Factors like choosing the right property, finding the right tenants and keeping up with maintenance all take money, time and commitment. Here are a few things to consider before you dip your toe into the property investment pool.

Robo Investing vs Stock Picking

Robo Investing vs Stock Picking – Which is right for you?

With online robo advisors now starting to gain real exposure on the UK investment scene, many people are wondering whether they would be better off investing their money with one of these investment services or should they go down the route of picking their own stocks instead?

Deciding on a forex trading strategy

The Things to Consider Before Opening a Live Trading Account

There is no doubt about it; the forex market remains an extremely attractive proposition for individuals who wish to boost their earnings and optimise their personal finances. After all, an estimated $5.3 trillion is traded on this market every single day, while its liquidity and the derivative nature of currency means that investors can profit even in a depreciating climate. 


Stocks & Shares ISA vs SIPP – Which Is Right for You?

The wide variety of types of saving account around means that there is something that is right for everyone. Yet, this extensive range of options can also end up being confusing if you just can’t work out which one to go with.