Investment Options You Might Not Have Considered


Prospective investors hold an unfortunate tendency to restrict themselves to a preconceived notion surrounding the nature of ‘real’ investments, limiting their activity to areas in which friends and family are investing or which they’ve heard about in the media. But as promising as those traditional stock options or government bonds may seem, viable alternatives do exist. Individuals hoping to build strong portfolios should keep the following options in mind:

Small Business Lending

Investors hoping to combine investment profits with neighborhood improvement should consider taking part in small business lending, an approach in which the investing individual lends money specifically to small business owners in his or her locale, earning profits through the loan’s interest. Essentially, this serves as a type of peer-to-peer lending,peer-to-peer but with a specific focus on the world of small business. Investors will want to keep a particular company’s future ability to pay back any loan money. Many small businesses fail and, when they do, prove incapable of forking up the investment money that got them started in the first place.

Binary Options

For the investor blessed with a certain intuitive understanding of trading patterns, binary options serves as an ideal approach. In binary options, the trader forecasts the behavior of asset prices within a very specific time frame. If that prediction is on the mark, the investor is rewarded with either a cash payment or a share of the assets on which the individual made his or her prediction. For adept investors, binary options can offer a simple and painless route to significant returns, as traders benefit from clearly defined monetary outcomes and easy setup. Furthermore, a thorough understanding of trading is not an absolute necessity for success in binary options. Thus, binary options can serve as an excellent introduction into the world of trading for otherwise reluctant parties.

Art Investments

Typically viewed as an investment made merely for the sake of passion, art actually provides the potential for significant returns. The surrounding market can be incredibly murky for outsiders, but aficionados possess the insight necessary to excel in this complicated market. The right selection could lead to vast returns down the road, particularly if the selection in question achieves public and critical notoriety. But beyond the personal economic benefits, investing in art ensures that talented individuals continue pursuing their passions and building their abilities as creative professionals. Thus, the act of investing in art also involves the personal returns that can only result from following one’s passions and interests.


Often returned to as a seemingly safe option in the midst of economic turmoil, gold serves as yet another tangible form of investment with the potential for impressive returns. Currently, the gold market is booming, although investors will want to remember that this commodity’s prices can fluctuate greatly. As such, investors recommend gold as a long-term investment, as opposed to a quick (and often, impulsive) trade.

Would you invest in any of these or can you suggest others?

8 Responses to Investment Options You Might Not Have Considered

  1. I’ve heard people say that art can be a good investment, but I don’t think I’d ever invest in it. Besides the fact that I know nothing about art, there is the fact that I wouldn’t want to store it! The other options I might consider.

  2. I’ve always wanted to get involved with gold, but the constant volatility has kept me from doing so. That, and it has a number of things in common with bitcoin, which I don’t know about investing in either. Would just be too much speculation on my part to make me comfortable. But peer to peer lending is something I might consider. Thanks for the info!

    • Adam Buller says:

      I find gold a funny one because it’s supposed to be based on a fixed asset, namely a bar of gold in a bank. I watched an interesting documentary recently about how there has been some funny accounting going on with gold in recent years which could mean that if all the gold that is ‘owned’ actually had to be physically delivered, it might not be possible to do so. I need to look into that more when time allows.

  3. SavvyJames says:

    I have considered peer-to-peer lending in the past and this post serves as a reminder to look at that as an investment option again.

  4. I think small business lending is interesting and could really benefit both parties if the business do succeed. Although, statistics are not on your side because just like what you said there, most small businesses will fail in their first few years of existence.

    • Adam Buller says:

      Yes, you would have to be quite picky when deciding who to lend to. I know of a guy who set something like this up locally though and he found that because he was judging the potential of the company himself and building personal connections with business owners, the default rate was much lower than anticipated. He was a successful businessman in his own right though so he had a good idea of what to look for.

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