Is Amazon Prime Worth it?


I have a bit of a confession to make today and it’s not one that I like to admit to. The other day I dropped the ball a bit and got stung moneywise and believe me, there’s nothing I hate more than that! So what happened?

Last month my wife and I were buying quite a few gifts for various events and we needed them quickly. While browsing on Amazon we came across Amazon Prime*. Now I’ve known about Amazon Prime for some time now but I never really tend to sign up for anything with a 30 day introductory offer just in case I forget to cancel it. I really needed these gifts though and against my better judgement I went for it and signed up for a free Amazon Prime trial.

Well, as promised in the free unlimited next day delivery part of the offer my goods were delivered for free the next day and we had a great month of celebrations.

How Much!

On top of all the celebrations, last month was also a very busy month for me with work and other things and somewhere in between all of that fun and hard work the Amazon Prime subscription completely slipped my mind and I forgot to cancel it.

At first I really wasn’t too worried about it because I expected to just be paying for the following month’s subscription cost which I figured would likely be around £6 or £7. I can now hear all of you Amazon Prime members out there laughing at me as you probably know what’s coming next! It turns out that when your 30 day trial period for Amazon prime ends you actually have to pay for a full year’s subscription cost up-front, which is a hefty £79 in the UK. I have to admit that at first I was really annoyed with myself for dropping the ball but after checking out some of the benefits that Amazon Prime has to offer, I don’t feel so bad after all.

So is Amazon Prime worth it?

After having and using Amazon Prime for a few weeks now, I actually think that the Amazon Prime service is worth it. I’ve always liked shopping on Amazon for the ease of it but one thing that has always frustrated me is the sometimes slow delivery times when using their super saver delivery option. I’m quite an impatient person and when I get it into my head that I want something, I often don’t like to have to wait for it. I also don’t like having to spend hours searching around the shops for things, so having a year’s worth of free next day delivery at my disposal when shopping online is proving to be quite useful.

Then we have Amazon’s Instant Video streaming service* or Love Film as most of us still know it. I used to subscribe to Love Film years ago to have DVD rentals delivered to my door. Back then the streaming side of their business was just getting going and to be honest it wasn’t all that great, but things have really moved on since then. While I still think it would be much better if all of the films were available for free streaming through Amazon Prime – including new releases – there is still a lot more selection than there used to be including lots of old TV shows available on demand. I’m hoping this selection of movies will grow over time but it is still great to just be able to pick out and stream a film as and when you want to at no cost – well, apart from the initial subscription fee of course but when you consider that a subscription to something like Netflix starts at around £6 a month it makes Amazon Prime seem much less costly. There’s also a large selection of kids movies and TV shows to choose from which my two young boys soon found out. This is something I’ll have to keep an eye on though because I don’t like them watching too much TV.

The Final Verdict

As far as I’m concerned then I think that Amazon Prime offers some pretty good bang for its buck. Perhaps I’m just convincing myself of that so that I don’t feel so ashamed of my forgetfulness, but that’s how I feel at the minute.

One little thing I will add here is that a friend of mine did exactly the same thing that I did, forgetting to cancel his Amazon Prime membership during the trial period but he managed to get a full refund from Amazon afterwards because he hadn’t yet used any of the services after the trial period had ended. I don’t know whether everybody is able to do that but it is worth remembering just in case you fall into the same trap that I did.

What about you? Do you use Amazon Prime and do you think it’s worth the money?

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  1. I did the free trial a few months ago. Thankfully I did remember to cancel. I’ve been considering it now that HBO made a deal with Amazon to stream HBO content. But for now I don’t have it because I’m still paying for cable. Once I cancel cable I will decide.

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