Is Housesimple really free?

Is Housesimple Really Free?


Online estate agents have grown in popularity in the UK and there are now many different ones to choose from. One big name in the sector is Housesimple. 

Housesimple now stand out from many of their competitors in that they offer to sell your house for free. That’s right, not only will they not charge a commission but they also now don’t charge any upfront fees. 

But is Housesimple really free and if it is, how do they make money?

Is Housesimple Free?

The good news here is that the service Housesimple* offer really is free. It’s not a scam and there is no hidden catch.

There are a few things you should know, though.

Housesimple Only Cover Selected Postcodes 

The first of these is that Housesimple only currently offer this free service across selected postcodes, predominantly in the North of England. You can see a full list of the postcodes covered here*

Housesimple state that they are going to be expanding the amount of postcodes they serve soon. They will first have to ensure that it is financially viable for them to do so.

How Housesimple Make Money

The next thing you’re probably wondering is how Housesimple make money, they’re not a charity after all.

Housesimple make money by offering optional services to both the buyer and seller of a home they list during the selling process. The services they offer will be services that buyers and sellers will likely require in order to complete the sale/purchase of a home. These include things like mortgage advice, insurance services, conveyancing and others. You will not be forced to use the providers that Housesimple recommend but if you do decide to use them, then Housesimple will receive a commission for recommending the service.

Let’s put this in a way that is really easy to understand. If Housesimple recommend a mortgage brokering service and you decide to use that broker, then Housesimple will get a referral fee. If you, however, choose to use your own mortgage broker then Housesimple obviously won’t get a commision. You still won’t have to pay to sell your house through Housesimple, though.

What Do You Get With the Free Service?

You may also be wondering if the fact that Housesimple is now a free service means that they now offer a worse service? 

The good news here is that they still offer the majority of the services they previously offered when they charged an upfront fee. Your home will also be listed for sale on all of the major online house selling websites. These include Rightmove, Zoopla, Gumtree, Prime Location and others. In fact, you can see more of them on the following image.

So, is Housesimple* really free? The easy answer to this is yes, as long as you live in an eligible postcode and don’t mind them trying to sell you additional services during the sales process.

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