I’ve gotta say I’m loving Amazon Prime Music


Most of the time when writing a blog post, I do try and think it through first. This time though, I’ve picked up my laptop because for weeks now I’ve been enjoying the benefits of my Amazon Prime membership with the new Prime Music* feature they have recently added and I just had to share my thoughts about it. So here we go.

For a while now I’ve been banging on about Amazon Prime*. It started when I signed up for the 30 day free trial and then stupidly forgot to cancel it, which to be blatantly honest is not like me at all. I’m usually fairly good at keeping a track of these things but for one month only, I let my concentration slip.

Anyway, I found myself with a years’ worth of Amazon Prime to my name so I thought I might as well enjoy the features it offers. Unlimited 1 month free delivery for example, Amazon Prime Instant Video (Amazon’s version of Netflix), Prime Day and Amazon Photos, which gives you unlimited cloud photo storage if you are a Prime member. All of these benefits really got me on board with the Amazon Prime service. Even so, I was still a little unsure as to whether I would renew my Amazon Prime membership, even after purchasing the Fire TV Stick. That was until Amazon Prime Music came along, of course. This addition to the Amazon Prime list of benefits has really changed the game for me.

I’m a total music lover. I don’t just love one or two different genres of music either, I pretty much love most types of music. A lot of the time I don’t really love a certain genre enough to want to fork out my hard earned cash to purchase the full albums though, and I also wouldn’t even know which artists to search for at times. Take blues for example, I love a bit of blues but I have absolutely no idea which artists I’d like or should look for, I just like a good acoustic blues riff when I hear one and there are many songs which I don’t realise I even know until I hear them. The same goes for Jazz, Folk etc. Of course, there are also some really great modern mixes on the Amazon Prime Music service too. You can literally find a music mix to fit any mood or occasion, which is great when you have friends over. It’s also been good having it on in the background while I’ve been working as there are mixes like chillout acoustic, modern folk for working and loads more different mixes like that.

So I’ve described one of the aspects of Amazon Music that I like, but what exactly is the full service all about? From what I can see, it’s basically a smaller Spotify or Apple Music etc. You can see how the Amazon Music service compares to the other big players in the streaming market here. I’ve mainly been enjoying it on my Fire TV stick so far, as Amazon have been constantly adding new music in many different genres. This has been great for me as it lets you discover many different artists who you might otherwise not get to hear about. It also lets you enjoy many of the best songs around without having to buy a full album or even a compilation. I’ve read that you can also create your own playlists via your laptop on Amazon Music and these playlists will then appear on your Fire TV stick for you to enjoy, but don’t quote me on this.

Anyway, I just wanted to highlight this new feature of the Amazon Prime service as I’ve found that it has given me hours and hours of enjoyment! Perhaps you are currently an Amazon Prime member but have not yet taken the time to fully explore this feature, or maybe you are still unsure about whether Amazon Prime is worth it for you. If you fall into either of these brackets then I would certainly take a little bit of time to check out Amazon Prime Music, as you might just find that you are missing out on a great feature of this premium service.

Have you explored Amazon Prime Music yet? If so, what do you think of it?       

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