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January’s Here – Don’t Forget Insurance!


It’s the start of January and I’m guessing the last thing you all want to be thinking about right now is insurance, right? After all, you’ve probably just spent a small fortune on gadgets, bikes, pets and more. Why on earth would you want to spend more money?

While I appreciate January can be a daunting financial month, it really can make sense to take a few moments to think about boring old insurance. If you ignore it, then you might soon find that all of those gifts you’ve bought end up costing you more than you ever imagined.

Let’s consider some insurance products you might need to look into this January.

Gadget Insurance

Gadgets sit high up on most gift lists these days and with technology moving on, they often don’t come cheap. While some contract phones might come with insurance included, it can often be overpriced. Sim-free phones and tablets are also likely to not have any insurance with them at all. Especially for accidental damage or theft.

So, if you’ve just spent a good chunk of cash on a gadget gift like a mobile or tablet, then why not take a few moments to get a quote for gadget cover* so that you can rest easy knowing you’re covered should the worst happen.

Pet Insurance

If you’ve forked out on buying a family pet instead, then it might be wise to start looking into pet insurance.

While we hope your new pet lives a long, happy and healthy life, if things do go wrong then vet fees certainly don’t come cheap. A friend of mine just the other day had to pay out £400 on an operation for their beloved dog. I’m sure it isn’t the first time they’ve been stung with this kind of cost and it likely won’t be the last!

The good news here is that the best and cheapest time to insure your pet is while they are young and don’t have any pre-existing conditions.

While insurers like PetPlan* and Agria might be among the best known in the UK, companies like Bought by Many are also working hard to create tailored policies which might better suit your needs.   

Home Insurance

If you’ve spent a lot of money on gifts this year then it might also be worth reviewing your home insurance arrangements too.

Do you need to increase your total contents cover, for example? Or, might you need to add a new high value item to your policy or cover for outdoor items?

If your policy is due for renewal soon then it doesn’t take long to get a quote from a comparison site* to ensure you are getting the best value for money.

Don’t Get Caught Out!

While it might be tempting to think you’ll sort this pesky insurance tomorrow, it’s true to say that tomorrow often never comes. It’s important not to get caught out by the passing of time. Get it sorted now while things are good, rather than regretting later if the worst happens.  

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