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Job interviews can be one of the most nerve wracking yet important events in a persons life. How you perform and the impression you give during this short period of time could secure your life financially for years to come. So with hundreds if not thousands of applications going in for the same job, if you’ve been fortunate enough to reach the interview stage what can you do to set yourself above the competition and secure that new job?

Research The Company

One way to stand out from the crowd is to spend a little time researching the company that you are hoping to gain employment with. Find out when the company was set up, what their mission is, how many employee’s they have and who their biggest clients are. Researching the history and business activities of your potential employer will show the interviewer that you are enthusiastic about working for the business and also that you are the kind of person who will take the initiative and go above and beyond what is required.


It might not always seem fair but it’s still true that many employers place a huge amount of importance on appearance. How much effort you put into your appearance for a job interview will often say a lot to a potential employer about the level of effort you might be willing to put into the role you’re applying for. Little things like wearing a shirt and tie, ironing your shirt, polishing your shoes and making sure your hair is neatly styled might sound old fashioned but they are still things that can help you to stand out at a job interview.

You may be fortunate enough to be interviewed by somebody who doesn’t place much weight on these things and cares more about your ability to do the job but is it worth taking that chance? Think of it this way, if you were looking to employ someone and you were faced with two suitable applicants who both had the same qualifications, experience and credentials, yet one applicant had obviously put far more effort into his appearance than the other, which applicant would you choose for the job?

What Might They Ask?

In a job interview so many people get caught out by unexpected questions or even an unexpected brain freeze when asked the most simple of questions. So what might your interviewer ask? Think about this carefully before you attend your interview. Questions like ‘What makes you a good team player?’ and ‘If you noticed that a work colleague was struggling to achieve their goals, how would you help them?’ often leave people stumped in an interview situation. There are also many good books you can buy that give many examples of obscure interview questions.

Interviewers might also ask you to explain any work gaps or gaps in educations you’ve had over the years. It’s important you give a lot of thought to how you might answer questions like these. You’ll want to show an interviewer that you’re going to be reliable, dependable and will not give up as soon as things don’t go your way. Companies invest a lot of time and money into training their employees so they’ll be looking for a long term return on that investment, which leads me nicely on to my final point.


There are so many jobs around that pretty much anybody can do and there are millions of people that are happy to do them. In the long run though for a business to remain innovative and successful it will need to find and nurture individuals who have the ability and desire to achieve more. In today’s society these individuals are becoming harder and harder to find! Expressing your desire and ambition to progress within a company and also to build a successful career might excite your interviewer putting you firmly on the radar.

Do you have any job interview advice? Please leave a comment below.


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7 Responses to Job Interview Tips!

  1. Jose says:

    Timely post for me! I went through 5 separate interviews last week (actually three, but they condensed three interviewers into a single. brutal, conference call) with the same company. Things are looking good. I should know something this week!

  2. Thanks so much for the mention Adam! Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. Great tips.

    Researching the company is a must. It speaks volumes about your character and it is always interesting to see how much someone knows about your business when you are an interviewer.

  4. Pauline says:

    Thank you for the mention Adam! So glad job interviews are a thing of the past for me. Although every time I got one (after sending dozens of CVs), I did get the job.

  5. All great tips that’s for sure. One that really stands out is researching the company. There is nothing worse than sitting through an interview and the interviewee knows nothing about the company. That just show lack of preparation. Great tips.

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