John Lewis Wedding Insurance Review


If there is one event in our lives which fills us with fear of the unknown it is our wedding day.

There are so many things that can go wrong on this momentous day that it is no wonder that many couples are nervous wrecks by the time their vows come around. What can you do to take away some of this stress and allow you to relax in the build-up to the wedding?

Well, the John Lewis Wedding Insurance* cover is designed to take some of the fear and stress out of preparing for a wedding. So what is it all about? This is what we’ll be looking at in this John Lewis Wedding Insurance review.

The Basics

For this insurance policy, the bosses at John Lewis have decided to get respected insurance firm Royal Sun Alliance to do the underwriting.

The cover it offers is broken down into a few different sections. These are; cancellation or rearrangement, failure of suppliers, loss or damage, wedding rings, wedding gifts, wedding gifts attire, wedding cake, wedding flowers, photographs and video, wedding transport, wedding stationery and public liability.

As you can see, these different sections cover all of the major problems that could turn any wedding into a big problem and a financial headache. In fact, it is hard to think of anything else that could go wrong and that isn’t covered by this insurance.

If you have arranged other types of insurance cover in the past then you will already be aware that you normally have an excess included. This is the amount that you need to pay towards any claim. In the case of John Lewis Wedding Insurance* this is a modest £50.

You can arrange this insurance up to 2 years in advance of the event. The advice from John Lewis is that you should think about sorting out your cover as soon as you have paid for any part of the wedding.

Different Levels of Cover

Of course, not every happy couple decides to go with the same size of wedding. While some might opt for a big, lavish affair, others are more comfortable with a smaller and more intimate occasion.

Bearing this in mind, the insurance cover from John Lewis gives you 6 different levels of cover to choose from. Each of these levels covers a number of different risks, with the amount covered going up appropriately. For example, level 1 gives you £10,000 worth of insurance for cancellation or rearrangement, while level 6 makes this a massive £100,000.

These differing amounts of cover are present across all of the different sections, on the basis that if you spend more on the cake and the flowers then you are likely to splash out more on the outfits and transport as well.

What this means is that you simply need to choose the level that best suits your needs*. This makes it really easy to get the exact level of cover that you need without spending too much time working out the exact cost of every single item on your wedding list.

The Cost

As you would expect, the premium reflects the level of cover that you opt for. The lowest level of cover starts at just £60, which looks like a great price for getting a good deal of peace of mind.    

If this level doesn’t give you the cover you need then it is just a question of looking through the table of cover, working out which one is right for you and then seeing the price. Getting the right amount of cover and seeing how much it costs is fast and simple to do.

Getting Covered

Once you have worked out what cover you need for your wedding and are happy with the price you are almost there. All that remains to be done now is to get the cover arranged. The good news is that this can be done online too.

The first step is to get a quote*. After choosing the appropriate level you also get the option of adding on extra cover in the form of marquee insurance cover and overseas wedding/reception cover.

Provided that you are happy with everything that you see on screen you can then to go on to fill in the details of the couple and of the wedding. With this done, it is just another step to arrange payment and finalise the cover.   


This is an excellent and easy to understand type of insurance policy that will take a good deal of stress away from the happy couple on their big day.

In a question of just a few minutes you can see what you need and then get it arranged with no fuss at all. Then you can get back to all of the other things on your to-do list for the wedding with a lighter heart and less fear of things going wrong.

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