Keeping control by losing it!


We’ve talked many times in the past about the courageous leap of faith taken by some brave individuals who decide to put it all on the line and start their own business. The challenges faced by these individuals soon present themselves but these entrepreneurs don’t give up, instead they put endless hours of time into selling and marketing their business to others. For some that effort pays off and they find themselves with a nice little business on their hands, generating a solid enough income that is able to sustain them financially. Great, now you’re earning a living from your business it’s time to sit back and relax and get back to living, right?

Some people might well be content with that but for others ~ the ambitious entrepreneurs ~ a completely new set of challenges lies just around the corner. If you’re fortunate enough – or maybe I should say determined enough – to have established a relatively successful business, you will often find that demand for your services and in effect your time, completely outstrips the supply of goods, services or time you have available. We are faced with the challenge of business growth!

In some ways growing a business can be just as demanding and testing as starting a business. After the uncertain times of the early days of business, once a business becomes established it can be quite easy to settle into a comfort zone. We find ways of working that we’re happy with, we develop certain routines and set for ourselves organisational structures.

When we’re suddenly faced with the need for business growth though, all of this gets thrown into disarray as we try to find employees who can not only do the job, but do it well. We might also be faced with new tax laws, employment laws, accounting procedures, a need for new equipment, new vehicles etc. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that all businesses reach a point where if they want to grow then they have to once again make a new financial and emotional commitment to the cause, a commitment for which you may not see an immediate payback but in the long run you know – or hope – will produce results.

Losing control  

I mentioned in a post last week that by nature, I feel most business owners are slight control freaks, we like things to be done a certain way, our way. When it comes to business growth though, for some business people this can be quite on unnerving trait. By bringing employees or subcontractors on board we are in effect handing over an element of control of certain areas of our business to someone else. Yes you can train the employees and show them how you like things to be done, but it’s just not possible watch them 24/7 and it would probably make for an unhappy employee if you did. At some point you have to place trust in another individual with elements of your business, your baby! Not an easy thing to do for some, myself included.

Keeping control

In effect though, by losing control of some areas of a business or perhaps it’s better to say by putting trust in others, we are actually gaining real control over a more sustainable business with the potential for real growth. What would be the result if we didn’t take these steps? Well if we did want to grow our business, the chances are that we would soon become over-whelmed and swamped by the workload and our business and the quality of our business offering would suffer as a result.

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4 Responses to Keeping control by losing it!

  1. I’m not a business owner but my parents were for many years. They had to give up control to me when I was 17 because they moved. While they spent time sorting everything out over the year I was in charge of the business. It was hard for them to give up control but they knew that I would do whatever it took to keep the business as successful as it was for so many years. They sold it shortly after but it was an eye opening experience for me.

    • I bet it was tough handing it over but at least they could trust you to do it justice Mr.CBB and you’re right, there’s a lot more to running a business than people think.

  2. This reminds me of the “always hire up” rule. Find someone who can do the job you’re looking to fill better than you can. That’s a great way to lose control for the better. Thanks for the mention too, Adam. Have a great day!

  3. Nice tips. I need to practice this once in a while. I’m sure this will greatly help me, especially with some of my tasks.

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