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Best Websites and Apps to Sell Your Stuff!

A Look at the Best Websites/Apps to Sell Your Stuff!

My wife and I have been having a clear out of our stuff recently getting ready to move on to pastures new. We’ve been selling off big items like beds and wardrobes and many smaller items like clocks too. 

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Reclaiming PPI: Is it Really as Complicated as it Sounds?

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A compensation claim can seem like a daunting process. From the initial application right up to the final verdict, claimants must be careful not to make any mistakes that could jeopardise the claim.

But with a little help, reclaiming PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) needn’t be as complicated as it sounds.

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The Best PPI Claims Companies Will Do These Things

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The deadline for PPI claims is 29th August 2019 — as set by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) — so consumers don’t have much time to lodge their complaints and get compensation. With such a small window remaining, it’s vital that you deal with the best PPI claims company in order to process your application swiftly and competently.

How Much Can You Earn as an Airbnb Host?

With the cost of living on the rise, many people are now trying to make a second income. To do this, some are turning to the sharing economy and specifically websites like Airbnb. But how much can you make by becoming an Airbnb host?

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Could YouTube Boost Your Income During Retirement?

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When many people think about YouTube influencers their minds often go straight to the young vloggers making huge sums using the platform. YouTube is not for older people they might mistakenly think.