Make Some Extra Cash with Side Projects


Extra money is brilliant. Who would say no to extra money? Maybe a Tibetan monk. Thankfully, though, we’re not in Tibet; we live in the heart of capitalism and it’s time to capitalise. People complain about how much money they earn without doing much about it. Well, it’s time. I’m mobilising the troops: let’s make some money! You might also become a nicer person at the same time. If you use a little of your cognitive functions, you will find areas that fit your expertise, which usually equates to extra pound signs popping up and maybe some more zeros.

Help Thy Neighbour

Play to your strengths. If you’re a bit handy then why not advertise in your estate, road, or village. Put up flyers, if people know you, they may hire you to do odd jobs for them. They get to hire someone they trust and you get a bit of extra money. Charge less than the going rate and people are more likely to hire you.

Maybe you’re not that handy, maybe you’re an amazing baker or gardener. Sell yourself, sell your skills. You could make an absolute killing if the demand is high enough.

If you save all of this money, then there is no reason why this time next year you couldn’t be enjoying a week in Paris? Or maybe buying a new car?

And talking of cars …

Classic Cars

Classic cars and motorcycles are a great investment. Now, bear with me on this one. It’s going to be really expensive to get yourself a classic vehicle, however it might be worth the cost as the classic vehicle world is becoming very lucrative. For instance, the cost of classic cars has risen by over 200% in the last few years. Investing in a classic car or bike is a great idea, it’s a better investment than gold, wine, stocks, and even art. Buy a cheap old banged up set of wheels now, spend some time fixing her up and then sell her for a massive profit.

Plus, you could hold it for a few years to make sure its price soars and meanwhile you could drive it around – tax free, because it’s classic. Aside from this, some classic cars and bikes are cheaper to insure if you go to the right people. Look around for classic car and motorcycle insurance companies. You might find a beautiful little bargain, so you’re even saving money whilst making money. Winner!

Projects towards Promotion

Now, these side projects don’t have to be extra-curricular, so to speak. You see, why not stay late at work and help out with some unpaid work. Unpaid?! I hear you shout. Don’t worry, it’s unpaid now, however your boss is sure to notice and may reconsider that upcoming promotion. Putting in the hard work now, might mean a bigger paycheque, better job security, and improved job satisfaction.

Just Think

Instead of complaining, just think. What could you be doing about your finances and how could you be making more money. Doing nothing is practically the same as throwing your money down an empty lift shaft. If you have any skills or promotions at work, act on it. Don’t just sit there and wait for money to fall into your lap … it’s not going to happen. You have to make those steps yourself. Trust me; you’re going to be happy you did when you get to live life a bit more luxuriously come next year.

2 Responses to Make Some Extra Cash with Side Projects

  1. moneystepper says:

    “Instead of complaining, just think.”

    If only, right? Its amazing how many people’s first reaction is to complain, blame others and generally conclude that life isn’t fair. Think about your situation. Think about why you are there and what you have done in the past that led you to this point. Then, think about how you are going to get out of it. As you say, THINK!!

    PS – I realize that my first reaction here was to complain about the number of people who complain!! 😉

  2. I’ve made good amount of money over the years simply by thinking of various ways to make money. It’s not that hard and opportunities are all around us. With the internet, this is more true than ever before.

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