Making sure you close the deal


With the introduction of the internet, selling a car in person is becoming harder and harder as there is a lot of information on deals readily available to the consumer. With this in mind it can be hard for a car salesman to actually close a deal. As a result we have put together a quick guide on how to go about closing a sale. It is also important that if you are selling vehicles then you have the appropriate license and motor trade insurance too.

When it comes to selling cars the first impression is everything. It is important to be confident and have eye contact and be as friendly as possible. Always ask the customer for their name if they don’t give it to you because this is a stepping stone to building a relationship. Also introduce yourself to the other people they have come with as the buyer is likely to ask their opinions too otherwise they wouldn’t have taken them to your dealership.

The next step is to truly understand what the consumer is looking for. This way you might also get a feel for whether they are serious about purchasing a vehicle from you or if they are just looking for a test drive to purchase elsewhere. Once you have established this you can save time and give a good service to those who are actually interested in buying a vehicle. Once you understand what they really want you are more likely to be able to offer them vehicles that they actually want to buy rather than giving them too many options. Sometimes the buyer might not fully know what they want and by gauging this you will be able to make suggestions for them.

Once you have understood their needs it is likely that they won’t be purchasing a vehicle there and then from you so you need to build a relationship with them so that they are comfortable getting back in contact at a later date. Ask them about their hobbies etc, this might also uncover what their needs are from the vehicle and again you can make appropriate suggestions. If the consumer trusts you they are more likely to buy the vehicle from you. In many decisions a trustworthy salesman outweighs if the consumer finds a cheaper option elsewhere.

Next comes the test drive. Even if you don’t have the vehicle in the exact colour they want or with the exact added extras but it is important to get the consumer into the vehicle so they can see the value in what you are trying to sell them.

Last is actually asking for the sale. There are very few consumers who will be able to say to you that you did your job properly and that they are ready to make a sale. As the professional you need to go over everything that the consumer asked for, tell them what they are getting if they buy the vehicle from you and then ask them if they are ready to make the sale.

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